Sunday, 9 February 2014

Home is where the heart is

I have already before professed my love for Töölö, my neighbourhood in Helsinki. But there's always something new to surprise you. A street called Museokatu alone is full of little gems that I just can't get enough of. We sampled the selection with The Boy Next Door and... how can you not fall in love?

First there's Aito - a lovely little restaurant that's all about seasonal and local produce. More on that later as it definitely warrants its own excursion. 

Still hankering after Nyberg a little deli that Töölö used to house I'm so thrilled about all the new little specialty shops that seem to have come to stay this time. Take Anton & Anton for instance. Such a delight of a deli that is one of the few places where you can get Harju's Sausage Factory's amazing products. If you get the chance, try their Mediterranean lamb. We picked up some mussels to see us through the weekend.

And then there's Hella & Herkku - the dream come true for a fellow blogger. I'd be envious if only she wasn't such a star herself. Even The Boy Next Door knows now where to go for proper pasta and the perfect risotto rice. 

They were out of truffel butter (such a first world problem, I know!) but in addition to the pastas and rice and other hand-picked treats the owner personally sources from all over the world they also have a wonderful selection of kitchen textiles and ceramics.

And for someone who believes all best things come in small packages, it's impossible to pass Petris Chocolate Room. Just look at it. I mean... how cute is that?  (and I hate the C-word! Just listen to me now. What has happened to all the cynicism and sarcasm yours truly was so well versed at?) Though their hand-made pralines and truffles tend to have that kind of an effect on people. Their lime-coconut chocolate is a must. As are the black currant truffles. And ooooh, that roasted white chocolate.... and orange chocolate of course.

More of that nostalgia-evoking checkered tile floors can be found at Heinonen, a shop that has served people in Töölö for over 4 decades. It harks back to times I genuinely wish will never end. And reminds me of all those little shops I used to shop in Spain.

Oooh. And aaaah. I might be done with Andalusia (for a little while anyway!) but Töölö... I think we just might be onto something big over here...!




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