Monday, 3 February 2014


At Tzatziki Champion's birthday The Tunisian who works in IT (does anybody work anywhere else these days?) have me a lecture in IT. My brain, hardwired to only speak Food blogging, did their best to keep up. There was something about "reaching the local maxim", "finding a new angle" and search engine maximising". The communications technology savvy among us had no words to express their shock at finding out I don't even tweet. And am not (open hearting) in Instagram. And that I have only ever once used a hashtag. And even then by accident.

Based on what I took from this sermon I know now that in order to keep the blog growing, I should pay attention on the following: change one aspect of it in order to reach a new audience. The audience was kind of enough to suggest a LGBTG angle, which I found... well, odd. See, I have foolishly thought that the gay people eat what others eat, too...?

Another advice was on the keywords. In headings and such. Apparently there shouldn't be any correlation between them and the actual content. One of the most popular choices I was suggested went along the lines of "Naked Miley Cyrus" and "Justin Bieber's balls". As I (being the great humanitarian I am) pointed out (what I felt was a very valid observation) that a new reader, hungry for scandals, might feel a little bit cheated should they then be greeted with a recipe for, say, Greek meat balls

So, for those of you already following this blog, I have an inside tip: In case you anytime in the future run into titles like those, don't get your hopes up. I'd also welcome healthy dose of skepticism regarding revelations about "the shocking truth behind North Korea's space program". 

So, today doesn't have any libellious law suit-laden, gagging order-warranting surprises in store. Instead you'll be treated to beetroot risotto. But my God, how good a risotto! I served mine with fish, but you can serve it as a main on its own - it's that comforting and rich. A vegetarian might top it off with goat cheese crumbs. Or serve it with crisp fried halloumi that's been tossed in say, finely ground walnut crumbs.

Serves 4

500 g beets (about 4)
3 dl good risotto rice
1 dl white wine
1-1,2 l vegetarian stock
1 smallish red onion
a handful of dill, chopped
a dash of good, syrupy balsamico
1 generous tbsp mascarpone (or Greek yogurt)

Peel the beets. Roughly cut them up and either roast them in the oven with a dash of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt and pepper or boil them until done. If you roast them, blizz about 1/3 into a puré and finely chop the rest. If you boil them, do absolutely reserve the gloriously coloured liquid and use it to dissolve the stock cubes adding more water as needed.

Finely chop the onion, sauté in some butter and then add rice, Let that too sweat a bit and get sort of translucent and then start adding the stock - a ladle full at a time. Keep the stock hot in another pan and don't add more until the previous batch has been absorbed. When the rice is almost cooked to creamy perfection (try not to stir too much at any point) stir in the beets, finely chopped dill and mascarpone. Leave the risotto runny, as it starts setting quickly anyway. Toss in some good quality balsamico.

In case you're a food blogger on the hunt for that perfect shot (or one of those people who do not believe they've actually had anything to eat until it's been documented on Instagram) you do want to get the settings (and the discarded coffee bags you've picked up at the local roastery just for the staging!) out of the way in advance as unlike say, love (!), risotto isn't one of those things that get better the longer you wait.

I served mine with fish. Mix about 1 dl of flour with the grated zest of 1 lemon and season well. Toss the fish (about 200 g/ person) in them and shake off excess. Fry quickly in a bit of butter until they're gloriously golden and crisp on the outside and creamy on the  inside and serve with risotto.

Enjoy. And don't forget to tweet about it! Caring is sharing!





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