Monday, 31 March 2014

Minty raspberry crème brûlée tart

Santa clearly reads my blog. And isn't even terribly bothered by the fact that I don't celebrate Christmas. Or, how else do you explain the fact that last Christmas the parcels under the tree yielded pasta machine and a blow torch. Pasta machine is still looking for its introduction to the society as with my patience (non-existent), hand-eye coordination (see before) and the capacity of my current 1,5 square metre kitchen that would probably result in bodies rather than, say, pappardelle. That, and a long-awaited kitchen renovation...

The blowtorch finally got taken out of the box as I was designated to the dessert duty at a recent girls' night with The Wine Merchant and The Chocolate Manufacturer. Inspired by my favourite bakery in Tallinn I made this créme brûlée tart for which mint brings a little certain  jenesaisquoi.

Initially I made small tartalettes which got their finishing touches at the dinner table with Wine Merchant's kids. They were thrilled to get to burn stuff. Naturally I refuse to take any responsibility should they grow up to be arsonists...

The crust was ye olde and faithful recipe I now know by heart. This time, instead of regular sugar I used demerera sugar which gives the crust a darker colour and a mildly toffee-like flavour. You'll find the recipe here.

The recipe for the crème brûlée you'll find here. My tin was 28 cm in diametre which called for 1,5-times portion of the original recipe. After blind baking the shell I let it cool, scattered 100 g of fresh raspberries on it along with 20 finely chopped mint leaves and poured the cream mixture on top. Then I baked it 150 for about 30 minutes until the filling set (it will firm up even more as it cools).

Let the tart cool. Then sprinkle demerera sugar on top (be generous) and blow yourself away!

Other combination that would work are blueberries and cardamom. Oooh, I wonder how strawberries would behave with, say, basil...?

And in case you're having people over to celebrate the anniversary of that Jesus' resurrection this tart its creamy richness this would make a great ending to your Easter lunch!




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