Monday, 17 March 2014

Slightly better fast food

Those polenta fries I made to go with the mussels in grape sauce were one of the most genius things ever come out of my kitchen. So naturally I just had to have some more! Street food is the biggest food trend in Finland right now and food that used to be called junk is getting a serious makeover. Though food trucks as such are a very recent arrival, Finland has a long history of snägäris, small kiosks/ trailers whose burgers and meat pies (with all the trimmings, please!) make the life bearable again for a tired reveler at 3am. One of my personal faves is sausage fries, makkaraperunat. Here's my take on it!

Sure, these would have even more food blogger street cred had I actually made my own sausages. But in my current kitchen (all 1,5 square meters of it) that (along with Kitchenaid!) is but a distant dream. Well, not that distant actually, seeing how I and The Boy Next Door are in the middle of a logistical operation in order to revamp the current living arrangement; also cannily known as Project Fusion kitchen...!

My sausages were Italian-style herby sausages I also used for cassoulet, too. Any fresh sausages will do, merguez for instance would give this a nice Mediterranean twist. I tossed mine in a pan with some fresh thyme and hey presto - the morning after the night before (at Bar Bhangra, of course!) was saved!

Some planning ahead is needed though as the polenta requires a good couple of hours to set. No worries though - you can whip  up a batch already the night before, you know, before putting on your dancing shoes and letting your hair down!

(I must say that the food blogger in me gets perverse satisfaction observing the devotion The Boy Next Door puts into documenting everything I make with his iPhone camera. As I watch him zoom and stage and crop and edit I feel almost... normal again!)

Feeds two party-goers

1 portion of polenta fries (for recipe please see here)
4 good quality fresh sausages (combined weight appr. 200 g)

Prepare the fries. Bake them in the oven and once they're done, cut the sausages into chunks, fry them in a pan and combine with the fries. Serve with ketchup, mustard, (truffle)mayo, relish and a smile.




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