Friday, 4 April 2014

Bubbles & Dogs

Remember how I told you that blogging is not all Champagne and glitz and glamour? Yeah. I just might have to take that back. This week alone I've been drinking my way through vats of it in two events...

A couple of days ago I attended the Bubbledogs launch at Scandic Hotel Marski. Much like Hodari & Hummeri, this London-born concept takes the humble hot dog to a whole new level with all the gourmet trimmings. And serves it with Champagne! We sampled the selection with Lanson Rosé. Feeling rather smug and spoilt...!

The sausage (wonderful Italian style salsiccia) comes from Ab A. Kastén, who supplies most of Marski's meat. And the buns (oh, the lovely buns) come from the same bakery that first created them for Hodari & Hummeri.

Man, it was good! So I good I went for seconds. And there's a chance I went for thirds too. I'm not going to tell though as I'd like to hold on to the illusion I have some kind of discipline...

Truffle mayo, roasted crispy onions, salad, salsiccia with caramelized red onions and mustard was my favourite. Though garlic dressing, pineapple salsa and Cajun style lime marinated prawns was another brilliant combo.

Today the hot dog bar opens to the public too, go and spoil yourself! And your friends too. The bar is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 15-18. For €10 you get a hot dog with the trimmings of your choice and a glass of bubbly!




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