Saturday, 12 April 2014

Pike, crayfish and asparagus terrine

Pernod Ricard invited bloggers to take part in a OivaPari-recipe contest, where the participating wines are paired with food suitable for the parties that spring and summer always bring with them. A celebrity chef will pick his favourites out of all the entries and then you get to vote for the winners!

The contest kicked off with a virtual wine tasting. The wines were delivered to my doorstep and then I sampled them in a tasting that was broadcast over the Internet while chatting with the fellow participants - all from the comfort of my own bed. So very convenient, so very convivial!

(Though you can imagine the Boy Next Door's reaction as he finally got home, knackered after another long day in the office. Me, on the bed, surrounded by bottles of wine and balancing the laptop on my knees. "So... how was your day, then? Try and explain then that "hey, I'm still working!")

The first up was Castillo de Molina. Their Reserva Pinot Noir 2011 was recently voted as the overall winner in the Wine of the Year 2014- competition in Finland and subsequently has sold out everywhere. And a fine wine it is too!

With a spring on our minds (and in our steps!) we went for Castillo de Molina Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, which also had been recognized in that same competition. The crisp wine immediately got us thinking of all the springtime treats such as fish, crayfish... and asparagus, of course! Oh, how I've been looking forward to the asparagus season! More recipes (loads of them!) for that coming up on the blog soon! Though I'm clearly not the only one - there are days when I've practically had to fight for the last bunches...

You can make the terrine already the day before. It also makes for a great party food in that it is suitable for those avoiding meat, gluten and carbs - these days so many of your guests are bound to fall into at least one of those categories...! 

10-12 portions

appr. 600 g pike or another white fish
150 g crayfish tails 
2 shallots (or 1 small onion)
2 eggs
2 dl cream
finely grated zest of 1/2 lemon
1/2 tsp chilli flakes
generous handful of parsley leaves
handful of dill wisps
4-5 green asparagus (depending on the size)
1,5 tsp salt
1,5 tsp black pepper

Finely chop the herbs and onions. Sauté onions in butter or oil until soft. Trim the woody ends off the asparagus and steam or boil them for a couple of minutes. Then shock them by immersing them in ice water (this stops the cooking and helps them maintain their vibrant green colour). Grind the fish in a food processor (for stories on how not to do it please see here...), add eggs, keep pulsing and finally, with the motor running, cream. Fold in drained and roughly chopped crayfish tails, lemon zest and herbs. Season. But carefully. The healthcare professionals behind those recommendations on RDA on salt are probably seeing red already because of the salt content of brine that the crayfish came in...

Line a terrine mold/ loaf tin (mine measured 22 cm x 10 cm so the ) with foil so that there's enough of the foil hanging outside the tin. Pour in half of the mixture and smooth it. On top of that lay the asparagus, top with rest of the mixture and smooth the top. Fold in the foil on top of the terrine so it's covered, place the tin into a bigger oven dish or roasting tin and pour into that dish enough boiling water so it comes halfway up the loaf tin. Bake at 175° for an hour. Let cool and then set in the fridge . Using a sharp knife cut into slices and serve at room temperature. In a good company and with some chilled white wine!




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