Monday, 28 April 2014

Terrace season opening at Goce

When an invitation arrived in my inbox to come attend the opening of the terrace season at Goce, nothing could have kept me away. Not common sense or the ongoing move. Our nerves (pretty wound up right now!) really could use the break. And all the wonderful treats...!

Sun was warm and beverages cold.

Gazpacho was tasty and the scampi was a nice touch.

Breathtakingly beautiful dish of fresh seasonal veggies and goat cheese mousse got great reviews from the cheese-eating members of our party.

The beef in the sliders was superbly meaty and gloriously rosy on the inside.

Arancinos, made of porcini risotto couldn't have been more perfect.

Tarragon mayonnaise gave these snail crostinis wonderfully vibrant colour and a lovely, anisey kick.

Grilled secreto was served with Romesco sauce.

And of course we had to admire the handiwork of Niko, the best bar tender in the country. 

The dessert was cheesecake - heaven in a cup. Meringue shavings made for a lovely texture.

DJ kept the tunes coming. Great, chilled atmosphere!

Oh we had so much fun! Until the following morning, that is...




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