Monday, 30 June 2014

Instagrams of fun

Last weeks have seen changes in my life that have left my head spinning (and my smoker's lungs swiftly approaching middle age gasping for air). I've graduated to shooting in RAW, moved to Lightroom and fallen head over in heels in the new toy The Boy Next Door insisted on getting me: a professional quality tripod. I've even settled on which lense to get next. If all that won't result in good photos... I don't know what will.

But the biggest change by far is joining the smart phone era. Yep, I, too, finally gave in and am desperately trying to climb on the very edge of technology. And as a result of iCandy The Boy Next Door has configured for me (even my vocabulary has evolved into using words the existence of which I didn't even know about!) I have even joined the Instagram. One of the last people on the planet, apparently... But there's no denying it - the quality of my life has dramatically improved. I've even managed to take a selfie! 

So, in case there was ever any fear of having any spare time left from all the cooking and blogging and Facebooking and Pinteresting, Instagram ought to take care of that one. Do join! Like! Follow! Over here!

Oh, and yes, I promise. No bikini-bum-selfies. Promise.

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