Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A minibreak in Tallinn

Happened one Friday: I came home from work, already making lists as to what I'm going to cook and when and where we need to go for the ingredients and how possible leftovers are going to be utilized and who we're going to have over and when. The Boy Next Door took one look at me and poured me a large glass of wine declaring the kitchen was going to be out of bounds for me the whole weekend. That it was time we. Just. Did. Nothing. 

"What does that even mean?" I cried. "Who has time for not doing anything?" I tried protesting, with every single horror scenario possible: "That fancy ass country loaf is going to go stale! And basil's going to freeze!" Eventually the wine got the better of me and The Boy managed to fish out my passport.

Worried about my "must do and achieve and go and get"- living The Boy Next Door decided I needed a break. And surprised me with an impromptu minibreak in Tallinn on a TallinkSilja cruise. No stress, no performing, no to-do-lists, no laptops, no camera.

It had been years since my last overnight ferry trip, which, if ever in Finland, is something of an...experience. Especially during weekend. And while we did get a bit uppity analyzing the "multitude of complex sociological phenomena" and observed the "different sediments of the socio-economical spectrum" we did actually have fun. Though I have a feeling I'd have fun anywhere with The Boy.

The cruises are known as booze cruises, owing to the abundance of cheap alcohol on sale in the shops. Having already cursed the youth that was occupying rest of the cabins at our floor, I soon got another reminder of my very middle class and middle aged priorities. When fellow passengers were busy ogling the 12-packs of vodka (yep, really), I couldn't get enough of  the duck terrines and elk salamis and wild boar sausages on display.

On the ferries you have variety of restaurants. But in order to really get me to relax, The Boy had booked us in the buffet. Not that I complain - some of my happiest cruise ship memories are integrally linked to that very place. Though it had been years since my last cruise and the selection had been updated a bit, one thing hasn't change. One always overdoes it. And the Nordic fish selection is still the best thing on offer. I can (again) vouch that it is perfectly possible (not necessarily the most recommended thing to do mind you) to eat one's own body weight in shrimps.

This is what happiness (or was it gluttony?) looks like 

As the rest of the ship continued with the Saturday night bacchanals way into the morning (the last bar won't close until 6am!), we turned in already before 2am, hoping to get our first holiday snap together. See, in the past 6 months we've somehow managed to exchange first kisses, engagement rings and addresses  - never managing to squeeze in time for that pivotal first holiday together! Based on the results of our first attempts at selfies (welfies?), the Kardashians have nothing to worry about. For results (and other behind the scenes shots!), do join us on Instagram!




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