Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Postcards from Tallinn

After our cruise docked, we had 4 hours to spend in Tallinn. At 8 am on Sunday morning Tallinn (like most of the fellow passengers) was still asleep.

Tallinn was hosting the annual Maritime Days and the harbour area had been converted to a lively market - home to all sorts of arts and crafts and curiosities... and food, of course.

They do love their fish over there. Especially dried.

And there was wine too. None of those Finnish regulations and bureaucratic nightmares needed.

Unlike in Finland, wine is also readily available in supermarkets. Yet the people go on about their daily lives: going to work, paying taxes and raising families. Surely we'd be capable of that in Finland too?

Tallinn is so close yet so different. For a foodie it's a paradise: they have great restaurants and the prices are around half of what you'd pay in Finland. For what to do in Tallinn see here and for where to eat, click here!) Even if you only stop in Tallinn briefly, there's always time for Sadama Turg market hall right next to the harbour.

Veggies, fruits and berries galore. Bread, cheeses, pastas, crockery, arts and crafts, textiles... and meat and fish, of course. Including jellied eels, which I've never, ever encountered anywhere outside England before!

We wen't crazy and bough even more goodies to take home (wild boar! Elk! Deer sausages! Rabbit terrine! Ostrich meat! Mung bean vermicelli!) and found time to visit one of the many, many massive liqueur shops in the neighbourhood too. Limoncello ((€8.50), South African Pinotage to go with lamb we have waiting at home (€6.50) and award-winning Argentinian Pinot Noir to go with all the terrines (€4.50). And Pöltsamaa - a brilliant Estonian dessert wine - another steal at €3.50.

Oh, Tallinn. You were good to us.  Until we meet again!




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