Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Gourmet street food á la Muru

Street food's taken to the streets of Helsinki in full force. First there was Streat Helsinki, then came the street food Wednesdays at Kasarmintori square and then street food Thursdays at Teurastamo. Last weekend I took my Instagram- followers on Stockmann's Street Gastro tour after which we sampled the exotic delicacies available at Helsinki Night Market. But let's face it, when it's good, there's always room for some more, right?

Today Street food by Diners Club kicks off their food truck tour. It's in Helsinki until Saturday this week after which the next destinations are Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. In each city the food truck is taken over by a local star chef. In Stockholm for instance this is Mathias Dahlgren, the chef with two Michelin-starred restaurants at Grand Hotel alone!

In Finland we're at the mercy of this rascal. Just look at that smile. You just know you're in for something more than just a burger...!

As is befitting for restaurant such as Muru, the results are très French. There's bouillabaisse that has just made an anticipated return on the menu after a summer hiatus and then there's rabbit. Slowly braised and served in créme fraîche sauce. 

In addition to the chef Henri Alén, diners are greeted by other familiar faces from his ventures.

And surely it would be beneath Muru to produce a meal with no truffles in it, non?


It would have been impossible to choose. Luckily I didn't have to - seeing how I was accompanied by my proof reader, photographer's assistant, sword sharpener and back-up belly: The Boy Next Door. 

And so we got to sample both. Bouillabaisse was wonderfully warming in the middle of a cold and rainy afternoon. And let's face it: there's something very decadent about sucking on a prawn the size of one's elbow, gilded by saffron. For lunch

And when does ever get enough rabbit in our neck of the wood? Never, say I. Jamais. 

And delicately herby it was. Not at all gamey as some of the first timers feared.


Both choices proved to be a hit. Très bon!

The weather left a lot to be desired for (as apparently is the forecast for the following days - clearly Mother Nature is paying back for the record-breaking sunny spell we just had!) but weather like that just screams for a warming bowl of soup, full of Southern sunshine. Or slowly cooked rabbit that comforts you like that favourite jumper. Or that soup. Or maybe some rabbit. Ooh, I couldn't possibly choose - I'll leave that to you!




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