Sunday, 3 August 2014

Smoked trout pout

My cooking has pretty much revolved around the same star ingredient ever since it hit the shelves this summer: new potatos. They are a fixture in Scandinavian summer cooking and I've been gorging on them on their own, with herring and in various salads (even with calamari tentacles!). And still no signs of growing tired. Sure, the results might not be terribly exotic... but they more than make up for it in comfort. Then again: it can be turned into cocktail treats too! 

Fish, dill and new potatos - that's Scandinavian summer on a plate!

Much like the croustades, the herring roe (called "sillrom" in Swedish) came from Ikea, too, but based on the availability feel free to substitute with any roe you want. Even with that vegan stuff made of sea weed gives a lovely texture to the sauce. 

Serves 3, moderately even 4


350 g smoked trout (or salmon, just make sure it's the hot-smoked kind)
500 gr new potatos
1/2 cucumber
4 hard-boiled eggs
125 g (cherry) tomatos
2 shallots
100 g green beans
fresh dill

Boil the eggs and cool them in iced water (this makes peeling them a lot easier). Peel and slice 3 of them. Brush the potatos, cut the small ones in half and the bigger ones in 4. Steam them of boil in salted water. Don't forget to steam them dry once cooked. Sprinkle with good salt and let come to room temperature. Trim the beans and cook in a little bit of boiling water for a couple of minutes. Then shock them by dumping them in iced water. This stops the cooking, keeps them crunchy and helps maintain the colour. Combine all the ingredients, add dill as much (or little) as you like and serve with the dressing.

Roe dressing:

2 tbsp herring roe
1 tsp finely grated lemon zest
1 tsp lemon juice
handful of fresh dill (1 generous tbsp when finely chopped)
1 tbsp finely chopped chives
1 hard-boiled egg, finely grated
2 dl crème fraîche/ sour cream
salt (carefully), black pepper

Combine the ingredients, check the taste and season as needed with salt, pepper and (if needed) a little sugar.




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