Thursday, 14 August 2014

Holy mackerel!

Yeah - fish and new potatos. Again. Don't give up on me just yet though - this is the last one fort the summer. Well, actually we do have one potatoey treat in store for you, that one with a quirky British twist. Ok, and our absolute favourite potato salad of the summer too with buckets of Mediterranean glory.

As rest of Helsinki were getting their inner hipsters on at the Flow festival last weekend, we got down with this. Yeah, that's right: smoked mackerel trumped over The National, Mø, St.Lucia and about a million other musical miracles we'd never even heard of (could I sound any more like an old fart? Could I?)

Smoked mackerel got fashioned into a salad with new potatos, capers, new harvest onions and rucola. Oh, that couscous-like concoction on the plate? Why, I'm glad you asked! That, my friend, is hard-boiled eggs pressed through a sieve with browned butter - something that's been on my to do-list ever since I discovered it in one of Bistro Sinne's chef's master pieces earlier this year.

As a starter this is enough for 4, as a main this feed 2

1 smoked mackerel
400 gr new potatos
2 small new harvest onions
a couple of handfuls of rucola leaves
handful of capers

Slice the potatos to 1 cm slices. Steam or boil them in a little (salted) water and team dry. Drizzle with a couple of tbsp of browned butter and season with a little salt. Toss and leave to come to room temperature. 

Finely slice the onion and assemble the salad. For extra kick (and crunch!) you can deep-fry the capers. Pat them dry first and fry in hot oil for a couple of seconds (depending on the size) until crunchy. Drain on kitchen towel.

Pressed egg:

75 g butter
2 hard-boiled eggs
2 tbsp finely chopped chives (or spring onion stalks)

Brown butter in coated pan. Keep an eye on it - the difference between browned and burnt butter is about 2 nanoseconds. Once it's stopped foaming and starts emitting glorious, nutty, toffee-like aroma, remove from the heat. Skim any foam from the top  and pour into a cup - you'll only want the clear part of it. Let cool. 

Boil the eggs and chill in ice water. Peel and, using a spoon, press through a sieve so you'll end up with couscouls-like crumble. Mix with browned butter and chives. Season with a little salt if needed, but go easy - capers and smoked fish are salty as heck as they are.

PS. Flow, next year we'll come too.




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