Thursday, 28 August 2014

The best potato salad all summer

Up until now I've obediently steered clear of using provocative headlines such as that, you know, because these things are always a matter of taste and everyone's taste is different. Well, apart from Kim Kardashian's - she just doesn't have any. 

This potato salad turned out to be our favourite all summer though (and Lord knows we've gone through ridiculous quantities of potatos this summer!) It's actually a vegetarian version of the octopus salad with persillade you were served earlier. Much like other salad favourites this summer; halloumi with cranberries and pistacchios, watermelon with feta and mint and that delicious Moroccan orange salad this is quick and easy as hell. Perfect for lazy summer days then - and with that Mediterranean twist I love so much.

You can mix and match as you see fit based on what happens to be lurking in your fridge. Asparagus and green beans (or fava beans!) work wonderfully and any leftover basil leaves find in this salad a grateful final resting place.

I made a batch for our somewhat Mediterranean crayfish party and thought I'd made enough to feed about eight people. Oh, how wrong I was. The five of us destroyed it in less than half an hour...

As a main this feeds 4-5, as a side (with grilled chicken or wonderfully herby Italian sausage!) 6-8

900 g new potatos
1 jar (350 g/ 160 g)  good, black olives
1 jar (320 g/ 200 g) sun-dried tomatos in basil oil 
1 large red onion
100 g rucola leaves
1,5 dl oil from the sun-dried tomatos
fleur de sel, freshly ground black pepper

Brush the potatos and cut into 1 cm slices. Boil in salted water until done and steam dry. Drain olives and sun-dried tomatos (reserving their oil). Drizzle some of the oil on the potatos along with a sprinkling of good salt and toss carefully (potatos absorb flavours better when they're still warm) and cool to room temperature.

Cut the large sun-dried tomatos in half. Peel and slice the red onion finely. Assemble the salad by layering the ingredients into the serving dish, drizzling oil from the sun-dried tomatos as a dressing. Season with freshly ground black pepper and (in moderation!) fleur de sel. 




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