Saturday, 2 August 2014

The quest for That Perfect Mojito

We sought refuge in the middle of this heatwave in Cuban atmosphere at Teurastamo, the old Abattoir area in Helsinki, where Pernod Ricard had invited us to Havana Club Mojito Embassy to learn all there is to learn about the secrets of That Perfect Mojito. 

Erm... yes we are!

Like so many other classic drinks, Mojito, too, was apparently created by accident. To ward off scurvy in the British Navy... The ingredients are simple. Lime and mint.

Oh, and some rum, of course.

Here's a little trivia to help you reach the next round in Who wants to be a Millionaire: rum is made of sugar  cane and though Cuba produces at least 40% of the world's sugar cane, the plant isn't originally from South America. First country known to have used it was Papua New Guinea from where it spread all over the world through various trade routes. To the New World it was introduced to no other than Columbus.

(Ready for another shocking revelation? Camel, that majestic symbol of Egypt isn't Egyptian. They were introduced to Egypt by the Persians.)

How many is too many...?

Though these days it's made all over the world, most of world's rum comes from Latin America. Cubans, naturally, think theirs is the dogs bollocks. Here's another morsel of trivia for you: Ernest Hemingway was a huge lover of rum and reportedly Mojito is his favourite drink!

Let's get to it then!

First you take 2 tsp fine sugar and mix it in a glass with the juice of half a lime.

Then you take a couple of sprigs of strong mint. Which you don't bash or crush , you merely wake the aromas by gently slapping it (!). It's not really supposed to taste much, but to lend the drink its wonderfully cooling freshness.

The ice cubes (don't be stingy!) are best added at this point. That way they have time to cool the alcohol too and the drink will remain cool and refreshing longer. Then you pour in 4 cl of rum, mix and top with fizzy water. The Perfect Mojito is supposed to look cloudy.

Decorate with mint and enjoy. In moderation. Like, six in one go.

We also had Cuban food to go with the theme. And music. And enthusiastic salsa teachers. And more Mojitos...

If you're in Helsinki, there's still time today to go to Mojito Embassy and learn the tricks of the trade yourself  And then, what better way to continue the day than to stuff yourself silly with all the delicious food at the World Bites- food festival!

World Bites-festival at Teurastamo today from noon to 8pm. Vamos! Yalla!




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