Friday, 5 September 2014

Fiskars, take 2

The village itself, in addition to Wärdshus and its delightful dinner, made us fall in love with Fiskars just a little bit more. 

There's plenty to see and history is very much present here - this year actually marks the 365th anniversary of the village!

We weren't exactly pampered by the weather as tends to be the case towards the fickle end of the summer. The rain alternated between torrential and monsoon-like, but every now and then there were glimpses of sunny skies when we ventured on an expedition with a proper camera, too. 

Fiskars has traditionally been a lively centre for arts and crafts. And nature - that's another thing they have going for them.

We even spotted the sign that spells the end of summer more efficiently than womens' glossies' September issues. Yep, autumn is here (and apparently with it, animal print!!!)

Naturally all sorts of outdoorsiness leaves one awfully hungry (for a new restaurant to try). So, we decided on a lunch at Restaurant Kuparipaja, located in charmingly English surroundings, echoing The Wind in the Willows.

The clear sky (having just spat out last of the rain) and the terrace overlooking the river running through the village made us want to lunch outside, but the waitress just wouldn't have any of that. Our speeches of how we wouldn't even mind a little rain (the terrace was covered by huge parasols after all) were met with condescending "yeah but what about me, then!". Oh, so sorry we tried to bother you. 

By the time we were ushered into the canteen-like dining hall upstairs as if we we're about to have a telling off by the headmaster, our interest in the lunch and the place had significantly diminished and we settled for two quick beers and herring platters. The platters were good. Potatos were outstanding and the tar-infused herring was an absolute delight. Unlike the customer service. There was only one other couple sitting in the restaurant, so one can only hope they had the staff's undivided attention. 

The food at Kuparipaja might be really nice (we'll never know) but should anyone ask me for recommendations in Fiskars, I'd refer them to Wärdshus. 

Petri's Chocolate Room is the destination for sweet treats (well, we do have a whopping 50 metre- trek to our own shop at Museokatu back home...), both to indulge in on the premises and to take back home (they'd never make it there...)

Petri's is celebrating hand-made chocolate in Fiskars until September 14th, so if you're around, do pay them a visit. There will be specials! And tastings!

It wasn't all PR dribble, that, you know. Fiskars really is really happening! Last weekend they had their own foodie fair celebrating the small local producers' goodies. Next week sees the first ever Highland games (yes, you heard correct! Put on that kilt and win over that wee lassie's heart by throwing that pole as far as you can!) and the end of October welcomes the annual Slow Food Festival!





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