Friday, 31 October 2014

Hot dog buns

As you already know, search engine optimization is for me a foreign territory equivalent to Mars. To a point it's silly. Don't believe me? Get this: as I started my blog, it never even occurred to me to include anywhere on the blog's data description "food blog". So, no wonder then it won't show up when people Google, say... food blogs. 

Luckily I have people in my life with IT skills. Which, I must admit, come in a lot handier on the completely computerized 3rd millenium than, say, languages that no-one has spoken in the past 4 that I decided to specialize in when I started my academic career with Egyptology...

Somebody else has figured this (and a lot more) out and as I was greeted with the title "the best hot dog buns in the world" I had to believe it. I mean, no-one would bother to lie on the Internet, right? The dating websites alone are a living testament to that!

Depending on the size this recipe makes 16-20 buns

5 dl full fat milk
75 g fresh yeast
11-12 dl all purpose flour
1 tbsp fine sea salt
50 g soft butter, at room temperature

For glazing: 1 egg (optional)

Dissolve the yeast in warm milk (37º). Combine salt with flour. Add 11 dl of flour into the milk and using a food processor's hooks , work the dough until it won't stuck to the sides of the bowl and is elastic. If it looks too loose at the beginning of the mixing, add some flour. Towards the end add soft butter in cubes.

Let the dough rise in the bowel, covered with a tea towel, for half an hour. Divide in 4 and each segment into 4-5 pieces (depending on the desired size of the buns). Roll into hotdog-shaped long buns and leave to rise on parchment. The dough is easy to work and doesn't really even need extra flour. Cover with tea towel and leave to rise for 2 hours. 

Heat oven to 225º. Brush the buns with beaten egg and bake for 10 minutes. Cut open and stuff with... well, anything really. With good sausages, pulled lambcrayfish salad, pulled pork, duck confitmarinated octopus... Sky's the limit! Go crazy!




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