Saturday, 15 November 2014

Kicking off the Christmas season in style

Christmas season starts too soon each year? Moderation is possible even at a buffet? If one doesn't celebrate Christmas, she probably doesn't get too giddy about Christmas dinner either? Less is more?

Ah. Four theories out of which every single one was proven wrong at American Grill's traditionally untraditional Christmas dinner that's being served at Klaus K boutique hotel in Helsinki. I got an invitation to sample this year's menu (€65) with fellow bloggers. For the entire menu, please see here.

The hotel has been expanded and improved for over a year now and my, the results are fine. Everything about the hotel pays homage to the traditions, yet with chic and thoroughly modern details.

It even features "the best selfie balcony in the city (!) ", offering glorious views over the whole Helsinki.

So, we got to kick off our Christmas season in veritable style!

The Christmas table takes its inspiration form America: go big or go home. And everything on the menu works. Special thanks for skipping potatos, breads and other starchy food coma-inducing thingies: instead one gets to feast on Cobb salad, Italian charcuterie and duck liver mousse served with Sauternes-apple-jam. Nothing traditionally Christmassy, yet absolutely nothing to complain about!

Our (and apparently everyone else's too) fave was fish ceviche (our recipe can be found here!) and that duck liver, naturally..

After the starter buffet the main is served at the table. Good luck choosing - everything sounds and tastes great. The turkey leg is definitely worth a go, for it's Obelix-like magnificence alone. Herb-encrusted trout with king prawns was another favourite though none of the other choices were left far behind either.

From the sides two stand above the rest: Asterix's potatos were a crunchy treat with gentle lemony notes and though sweet potato purée's Parmesan overpowered the truffle it was supposed to have, it was silky smooth and delicious. 

And in case you can still stand after all that... it's time for the dessert buffet! If you fancy something lighter, head over to the lime and raspberry mousse cake, though I do strongly recommend you leave some room for at least blueberry and cardamom cheesecake and chocolatey banana cake with peanut butter frosting (yes, every bit as delectable as they sound!)

The Christmas table is availabe at lunch, dinner and weekend brunches 9.-22.12.2014, though parties of more than 30 people can book their spread already now. 

Definitely worth a try, this. And hey, for every booking of 30 people you get a free one-night-stay at one of the beautiful rooms, followed by equally beautiful breakfast buffet...!

And as for moderation and OD'ing on Christmas far too soon in the season... we're off to Stockholm to sample Viking Line's Christmas buffet next! Ohoy! Do join us on Instagram!




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