Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Tasty trip around the Middle East

The weather is cold and dreary and there won't be sunshine for months. Catching a plane to somewhere nice and warm has never felt this good an idea but there's another month to go to the next payday and even then there are all sorts of other silly and mundane things to do with the money. Such as rent and utilities and Visa bills and such. But hey - how about having your friends over and treating you all for a culinary trip around the Middle East? What a great way to spend an evening, sample new flavours and hey - no need to worry about bomb attacks or ending up being abducted by Isis either!

Many ingredients are in season right now meaning not only that they're available, but also affordable! So, what are you waiting for? To the shops! Yalla!

If you're in the mood for a soup, Morocco (and this blog, too!) is home to serrouda, a chickpea soup that gets its gloriously sunny colour from saffron.

And meze tables typically have abundance of fresh salads. Try some Israeli salad...

....especially with tzatziki.

This recipe for chicken liver with pomegranate molasses sauce hails from Syria, too, and is definitely worth a try.

These Moroccan köftes, jazzed up with home made ras el hanout are great served with carrot and mint couscous and harissa- yogurt dressing.

For more inspiration on culinary trips around Middle East please see hereWalla! Yalla yalla!




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