Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Holiday spread 2014

Unlike last year, I didn't have time to create an Advent calendar on the blog. All the holiday preparations were kept to the minimum and left to the last possible minute. A holiday is soooo needed!

We devoted last weekend to celebrating the holidays (Hanukkah for me and something vaguely Christmas-like for The Boy Next Door)  - just the two of us. The plan was to relax, enjoy each other, good food and wine...

... oh, let's lull you all into the lovey-dovey loveliness of that plan for a little while longer...

... but sure enough  it turned out to be a culinary massacre; one absurd cooking catastrophe after another. The failures were of such magnitude and my verbal expression got so bad my neighbours probably think they're living next to a punk band. With Tourette's. I mean, who would have though something as innocent-looking as a chestnut could fuel such rage?

But we did get something done - recipes for these to follow next. 

Tips for Those Perfect Roasties (yes, goose fat's the answer. One of them.)

Warm beet and potato salad to which toasted fennel seeds lend even more warmth...

Pork neck stuffed with orange zest and other Christmassy thingies...

And even gingerbread got a 2014 makeover baked in minimuffin tins!

...And that mandatory Brussels sprout side dish. This time with chestnuts. And bacon, of course. 

And what's a Nordic holiday menu without pickled herring? This year it was Cumberland-ish with black currant jelly, orange and port.

And there was some other pickling going on too - these babies were served with...wait for it... kangaroo carpaccio!

Pheeew. Now it's time to wish you all readers a wonderful, relaxing holiday season full of love, good food and wine. I on the other hand will get cracking with those recipes...




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