Thursday, 25 December 2014

Warm beet and potato salad with fennel seeds

Having grown accustomed to the pickled variety, beets and their versatility are something I've only learnt to appreciate in recent years. Together with potatos they create a lovely warm side dish salad that gets even more warmth from toasted fennel seeds. Though rosemary would work well too. As would allspice.

The Boy Next Door isn't enchanted with that noble root veg either (how can he not! Can you think of a funkier coloured veg?) but this he liked. Though his idea of the right proportions between all of the components are (obviously) wrong.  According to him the correct one is equal amount of potatos and beets whereas mine (inherently correct) view is that there needs to be twice the amount of beets to the potatos. 

As a side this feeds 4-5

Warm beet and potato salad:

500 g beets
250 g potatos
125 g apple

The dressing:

200 g créme fraîche
1,5 tsp fennel seeds, toasted and ground
salt, black pepper

Toast the fennel seeds on a fairly hot, dry pan and grind.

Peel potatos and beets and cut to similar size chunks. Boil potatos in salted water and steam dry. Peel and cut the apple, too.

Boil (or roast) the beets (do note though that they take at least twice the amount potatos do!) and drain. If boiling, reserve some of the liquid to add into the dressing if it needs to be runnier. It also adds a lovely colour! (You can also use it for beetroot risotto!) 

Combine the veggies. Mix the dressing and fold into the warm veggies (this way the soak up more flavour, too) and serve. Delicious especially with slow-cooked pork. Such as this orange and Christmas spice-filled pork neck!