Monday, 5 January 2015

Easy peasy gluten-free Parmesan crackers

The recipe to kick off the blog year 2015 simply couldn't be any quicker or easier: it consists of 1 (or 2, up to you!) ingredient. And of all the things out there in the world it's cheese. 

Not only are these quick and easy, they're also such a lifesaver for parties as they are a perfect gluten-free substitute for crackers and such. Not so much great news for those keeping kosher though, as I firmly believe The Only Real Parmesan comes from Emilio Romagna in Italy (the way The Only Real Champagne comes from Champagne, no matter what the Americans say!) and kosher Parmesan has not been available since Fanticini family retired from cheese-making business

By now you all know how I feel about cheese (don't like it) and I still firmly feel that you should buy the real deal instead of the sawdust they sell in plastic bags. There is a difference. Trust me. 

Having been in long-term relationships for years myself, I love living single life vicariously through Tzatziki Champion's escapades as she navigates the dos and dont's of finding The One. "It could have never worked between us", she confided once. "He was one of those men who have plastic bag cheese in their fridge". 

200 g chunk of Parmesan makes 24-30 crackers, depending on the size

200 gr pala parmesaania
finely chopped rosemary  or (black) sesame seeds

Grate parmesan into a bowl. Spoon little mounds on baking sheet; 5-6 cm in diameter and flatten into round discs. Sprinkle with either rosemary, sesame seeds or black pepper. Bake at 200 for 5-6 minutes until cheese has melted and the crackers are of pale golden colour (don't bale for too long as they get too toasty to the point of bitter).

Let cool on the parchment and serve. As snacks with drinks or with toppings of your choice. At our New Year celebrations for instance we topped these with rucola, truffle mayo and carpaccio.

Just like these oat snaps, while they're warm they're pliable, so you can mold them as you want: around the pastry bag nozzle for cone-shaped crackers or rolled around a wooden handle for a tube-like shape. If they've cooled already, just pop them back into the oven or microwave oven. 

PS. Don't throw the leftover umami-rich Parmesan chunks either - use them in soups (like Minestrone!) and stocks to give them extra depth!

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