Sunday, 25 January 2015

Friday breakfast at Faro

No job seems to be safe these days. Unless, of course, you happen to be Arsene Wenger. Firing squads are wreaking havoc even in IT-industry. The Boy Next Door has, in the past couple of years survived 4 (!) collaborative negotiations (don't you just love how they make it sound like a mutual decision somehow?) but the 5th round turned out to be the fateful one. 

I wanted the start to his last day at the office to be be a good one so I surprised him with a breakfast at Faro, where, in addition to their weekend brunch, they now also serve a breakfast on Fridays. 

Can you think of a better way to start a weekend? And hey, it's the weekday mornings when getting out of the bed could use a little pampering, right?

(My seemingly innocent question about "how he'd like to start his last day" was met with hesitation though, until I clarified that I wasn't about to terminate him, too...)

I've already before admired the stylish feel of the restaurant and the views onto Ruoholahti Channel and yes, the restaurant provided a very peaceful setting for a breakfast, too.

The selection itself is a very traditional one. Tea and coffee, two different sorts of juices, charcuterie, some veggies, selection of breads, mini Karelian pasties and croissants. Croissants and Karelian pasties were not freshly baked on the premises, but good nonetheless. I would have loved some jam with croissants though.

At least in the beginning the Karelian pasties were warm, too. Went for seconds. 

There's also natural yogurt and, instead of sugar- and fat-encrusted cereal, a delightful selection of seeds and nuts.

Porridge and scramble were served to the table. I'm not a big fan of porridge (I know, I know, it is superfood and according to this 109-year-old woman, the secret behind her long age. That and misandry...!) but the companion couldn't praise his oatmeal enough.

Breakfast buffet is never the right place for scrambled eggs as the dried-up rubbery crumbs have absolutely nothing to do with what they're supposed to be like. Faro's scramble on the other hand was just perfect: loose, rich, comforting and lovely. Rather heavily salted, though.

For those on a lighter life there are fruits...

... and for the likes of me a little sweet treat. Today it was a banana cake served with strawberries. You guessed it - went back for seconds...

A wonderful way to start a day - no rush, just enjoying. Though daily papers would have made a nice addition...




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