Saturday, 10 January 2015

Vegan cannibal's delight: gubbröra

The world we live in manages to puzzle me with great many mysteries. Surströmming. Donald Trump's hair. Infinity (how can they be so sure space continues forever when even I know it's impossible to go visit the back of it to prove it?) Wool (how can a garment that's been made of animal that's spent all his life outside in the pouring rain require dry cleaning?) Quicksand (let's face it - there's nothing quick about it, is there?) Russia (why can't Vladimir Putin learn to behave?)

After Christmas I found myself staring at the empty herring jars pondering yet another one. Why is there an Advent calendar but not one counting down to Midsummer? I'm so ready for summer and all the summery treats like new potatos!

One of the many great things to come out of Sweden (Ikea, Abba, Absolut Vodka) is gubbröra. Literally that translates as "old man spread". The recipes vary (even in my own kitchen, depending on the time of the year and what I have lurking in the fridge), but I've yet to see one featuring finely chopped old men. So, this is also suitable for vegan cannibals!

Traditionally this is served with new potatos or in the winter with some crisp bread (another thing they do so well in Sweden!) which is when I add the potatos (old and tired, much like me) directly into the mix. You can use any pickled herring you want (mustard one being one of my faves!). Instead of/ in addition to chives you can also use finely chopped dill and some even add capers. Roe is another great variation. 

For a dairy-free spread, use all mayo.

As a starter this is enough for 4-5

200 g boiled, cooled potatos
3 hard-boiled eggs, cooled in ice water
1/2 (red) onion
3/4 dl mayo
3/4-1 dl crème fraîche/ Greek yogurt
1 dl chopped dill
1 tsp (sweet) mustard
2 tbsp chopped chives (and more for serving)
salt, white pepper

Cut the potato, eggs herring into similar size small cubes. Finely chop onion and chives and combine with the rest of the ingredients for the dressing. Fold in potatos, eggs and herring. Check the taste and taste as needed. Serve with crisp bread.




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