Monday, 9 March 2015

Meatballs galore

Remember the National Banana Bread Day a little while back? Well, today the Americans are busy celebrating meatballs. And why not - that comfort food classic is loved by people (and Ikea customers!) world over. 

One of the most popular recipes on this blog has always been Albondigas en salsa de tomato, Spanish meatballs. 

One of the biggest hits this winter was this: venison meatballs with cranberry and rosemary.

This recipe for Moroccan köfte took its inspiration from a bit further away, proving just how universal the language of love is. Instead of balls they can be shaped into little kebabs, too.

Icli köftes found their way onto the blog from the street kitchens of Istanbul.

The latest addition to the recipe archive were these Italian meatballs...

... though the archives also include the recipe for the traditional Swedish meatballs, too.

The blog has also featured this take on an old classic: prawn balls with squid spaghetti!

And those archives are far from complete: Greek meatballs are still to be featured, as are chicken meatballs bursting with lemon and parsley.

Which ones are your favourites? What is the secret to your perfect meatballs?




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