Saturday, 7 March 2015

Ris à la Malta - orangey rice pudding (gluten-free, vegan)

I've yet to visit Malta. And Lord knows there are reasons to do so.

1. Sun (I mean, there's bound to be a lot of that!)
2. Chocolate (The whole island is made of Maltesers, right?)
3. Cultural history (Malta is apparently home to, like, 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites, despite the fact that the island is about the size of an average Ikea)
4. Language (Malta actually has a language of their own which is practically Arabic. Which I'm practically fluent in, seeing how I already know the following sentences: "Waiter, give me a Martini!" and "no, unfortunately my sister is not married, despite being over 30 and a trained nurse" and before you ask it, no, I've never yet had any use for either one of those sentences...)
5. Maltese rice

It's probably a good thing I've not visited Malta yet. I probably would have made a total ass out of myself the first night demanding I be served Maltese rice (in my broken Arabic...), which apparently has absolutely nothing to with Malta. Instead it's a Swedish innovation. We, too, encountered it for the first time at Viking Line Cruises' Christmas buffet.

It's good, nonetheless. Or jättegott, as the Swedes would put it. Or (look who's  on fire!)  لذيذ as they say in.. well, Arabia!

As a pudding this serves 4

Ris à la Malta (Maltese rice)  - Orangey rice pudding

1/2 portion of  arroz con leche de coco 
the juice of 1 orange (1 dl)
1 tsp finely grated orange zest
1,5 dl cream, whipped 
1 tsp vanilla extract (or vanilla sugar)
2-3 tbsp icing sugar
the flesh of 1 orange, in small cubes (and more for serving)

Combine orange juice and zest and use to dilute the chilled rice pudding. Whip the cream and flavour with vanilla. Fold into the rice pudding. Check the taste and sweeten with sugar.

Remove the orange peel (alla the way down to the flesh) and using the outlines of the segments, cut off the flesh so there's no membrane attached to them. Finely slice and fold into the pudding. Decorate with some more orange slices and serve. 




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