Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Girls' culinary road trip to Turku: Radisson Blu Marina Palace

For the base camp during our 24-hour-foodie madness in Turku Tzatziki Champion had booked us into Radisson Blu Marina Palace. Because let's face it: hotels are just that much fun!

Our weekend immediately took a turn for the better as at the check-in we learnt we'd been upgraded into a superior room. And before you even think of it: no. Blogging had absolutely nothing to do with it (with our aerial-sized sun glasses we couldn't have been more incognito anyway...!) - it was all down to the fantastically helpful and friendly service of the hotel staff.

We weren't the only ones getting star treatment - our travelling companion, that tiny white dog, was presented with a bag of food and a map of Turku, rolled and adorably wrapped with a bow that turned out to be a poo bag (yes, before I even finished that sentence in my head I realized the only people who are going to find anything adorable about that gesture are fellow dog owners...)

As far as the overall appearance goes, the hotel is very much a child of  the 80's and can't really help the box-like architecture of the era. Fully renovated, stylish and clean it is, nonetheless.

Then again - so are we (children of the 80's, that is). One of the perks of a superior room is that all the channels are free of charge. And so, before we'd even managed to unpack, we'd already discovered the channel dedicated to 80's hits and fully immersed in a conversation of Things That Really Matter In Life. Such as which one of Kylie's many comebacks is the best one and why is it that I still know all the lyrics to every song ever made by any boy band by heart?

But the absolute best thing about the room? Bath. Seeing how we both have to get through our daily lives with just a shower, soaking in long, hot, bubble baths is a luxury reserved for hotel stays. I am sorry ecosystem and all those water-saving movements but I just couldn't help myself. I did. Twice.

The location is excellent. It's located on the street right next to Aurajoki river (the quiet end of it) that coincidentally also seems to be location of just about every single noteworthy restaurant in Turku.

After dinner at Osteria Ovo we slowly made our way back to the hotel. The night was still warm and full of spring.time promises. We admired the views overlooking the river, gushed about the evening we'd just had (yes, there might have been some boy-talk, too) and just enjoyed ourselves and our stay. It so felt like a real holiday! Oh, how we needed all this!

In addition to bath and that dreamy bed that makes one feel like drifting on clouds there's third crucial yardstick when reviewing a hotel. To some the most crucial one of them all. The breakfast.

Sadly we weren't impressed with this one. In theory they had everything, but nothing wowed us. Bacon was limp, the selection of the sweet treats was very limited and there was no gravad lax or cold smoked kind salmon either. 

We didn't have time to get heart-broken over it all though - we had plans! Plans to take over Turku Market Hall and all the other little gems Turku had in store. So, what are you waiting for? Let's go!




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