Sunday, 21 June 2015

Östermalm market hall - one of my favourite places in Stockholm

As the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook- followers know, I spent a lovely day in Stockholm last week.

The highlight of (and reason for) the trip was Linie Award 2015- a gourmet contest celebrating young Nordic talent now in its 10th year. Along with sleep-deprived yours truly and token souvenirs from Laduree, I returned with great news: Finland won. Not one to gloat, me... but take that, Swedish table next to ours! Enough to stop you from yodling?

I didn't have time to do much sightseeing, but I did have enough to visit some of my favourite places in Stockholm. Such as Östermalms market hall

(In case you're manic and want to cram absolutely everything into your day, check out our tips for an action-packed day from our last trip. Warning: it's not for the weak. Or those, who need to pee, like, ever. Or those who feel breathing is essential...!)

Östermalms traditional market hall celebrates its  125th anniversary this year. And she is a treat - full of treats.

Seeing how it's located in a posher area of Stockholm, everything here is just a little bit fancier and nicer.

Even pasta as as pretty as candy!

There's something adorable about the way Swedes are so giddy about their Swedishness.

Though, in all honesty, the wedding in the royal family last weekend got me very much in touch with my Swede within. And I can tell you, she cries a lot. Even without the tiara...

Summer is eagerly anticipated here, too. And it tastes exactly like ours: strawberries, dill, new potatos... Can't wait!

I've already before written how the market hall is a heaven for fish and seafood lovers. In case you don't have much time, pick up some smoked shrimps and fresh oysters.

They're sold by piece and each only costs a little over €1. 

Grab your goodies, get a glass of nice wine and sit down. And enjoy. 

Approaching noon, the restaurants were getting ready for their lunch. And so was I. More on that next!

Are you guys familiar with Stockholm? What are you favourite addresses, best kept secrets and absolute must-sees I should be in the know of for the next trip?




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