Monday, 13 July 2015

Hottest foodie trends in London right now

We just spent 4 glorious days eating our way through London and exploring the foodie trends of the very hip and happening capital of the glorious capital. 

While there will always be room for fine dining in London, too (the city does boast huge number of Michelin- starred restaurants!), the trend there too veers towards a more laid back approach. Most of the new restaurants want to keep the threshold low and welcome walk-ins - many of them primarily won't even take reservations!

Somewhat surprisingly though the biggest trend is still street food. New restaurants specialized in this pop up everywhere  and hungry crowds are spoilt for choice. Jamaican, South African and Vietnamese, one of the hottest tickets in Finland, too. And burgers joints galore!

London also has a variety of street food festivals to keep you going. During weekend the streets and court yards of Shoreditch, the trendiest neighbourhood in London with a charmingly lived-in, vibrant vibe, are awash with street food stalls. Trip to East is highly in order for those alone!

Urban Food Fest takes over Euro Car Park located in Shoreditch High Street every weekend and offers tasty treats from all over the world for affordable prices. In case you find yourself south of the river, do check out Vauxhall Street Food Garden. Now in its second year, it opens at noon with a selection that changes daily.

Vietnamese and Korean kitchens aren't the only ones making fans left and right - Asian cuisine at large continues its success. Bars devoted to Taiwanese bubble tea can be found at just arbout every street corner in Soho.

The hottest thing right now, however, is ramen. Different styles have a fanatic following and there's no end to the debate as to who makes the best kind. One spent six months honing the recipe for that perfect noodle, in another place the broth is the result of 20 hours of loving labour. Shoruy Ramen has a couple of centrally located branches, Islington (another favourite of mine!) is home to United Ramen

Oh, and if you thought those one-ingredient-restaurants were so over and done with, think again. After the porridge and breakfast cereal bars there's a new sheriff in town: polenta. Located in Soho, La Polenteria specializes in  polenta which, in a true hipster manner (that doesn't take itself too seriously at all...!) according to them is so much more than just food: it's a (wait for it) concept.

Pubs have gone through a massive change. A mere decade ago gastropubs were something to gently make fun of but these days drinking pubs are really hard to find. 
-They're simply not enough to keep the business going, we were told at Lord Wargrave, my old local. These days you need to make an effort with the wines and craft beers and food and entertainment. 
Wargrave went through a total makeover a year ago and is its owner's 5th pub. It's pride and joy is the whiskey library which stocks a whopping 200 varieties. 
At their nest, the quality of food in London pubs is stunning, Traditional pub grub such as bangers and mash has made room for oysters and artisanal burgers though. Harwood Arms in Fulham even has a Michelin star!

Micro breweries, craft this and that, small producers... they are going strong and now the trend has moved on to Champagnes. Micro breweries and distilleries keep popping up in and out of London, specializing in whiskeys and specialty vodkas and gins. 
The most outlandish ones I've heard of? Breakfast Marmelade vodka and an ant essence gin from Cambridge. Ciders are expected to follow suit  and craft ciders will be the next big thing. Already now the only cider in tap at Wargrave comes from Brittany.




  1. Gotta love these trends, especially the one about gastropubs! They're overall my favorite food joints. Ramen I still haven't tasted, although it's also a trend here and was really popular already a year ago when we visited NYC.

    1. New York <3 never been (can't believe how that's even possible!) but I just know I'm going to love it :-)