Monday, 10 August 2015

And then what happened...?

In case you, too, have been wondering the radio silence, you're in for an explanation. Though, trying to put in words is every bit as trying to think about it. 

No, I'm not dead. No, I have not lost my hands in a freak suicide bomb attack either. And no, I've not made some drastic lifestyle changes resulting in me moving to an Internet-free commune that believes electric current is very much at the root of all that is evil in this world. 

There has been a lifestyle change, though. And yes, something has been lost. The Boy Next Door. 

Notes left in mirrors fogged by showers that no-one sees. Cry that no-one hears. Hand that no-one holds. Home where no-one waits.

I'm grateful for the time we did spend together; time, that has now come to an end. Sometimes even love is not enough to get you through all the challenges and hardships life throws your way. 

As a teenager, listening to Haddaway's I Miss you over and over again, going through the very first heartbreaks I couldn't wait to be grown-up as I was convinced everything would be so much easier. Little did I know. 

The break-ups are one thing that most definitely do not get any easier. Quite the contrary. The older you get, the more you invest in relationships. More of your time, efforts, emotions, money. And so, come break-up, you stand to lose a lot more, too. A lot more than someone to kiss behind the bike shed. You lose all the plans and hopes you two had for the rest of your lives. And now, for the first time ever, also the appetite (a food and wine blogger unable to eat or drink? Not good.)

Though, I'm still not, even after all these weeks anywhere near Kate Moss' supermodel physique. And haven't written books that would console generations of teenage girls to come. So, apparently romantically wasting away is yet another thing I'm not terribly good at.

But this (too) shall pass. Right? Remember how I once wrote about the stages of getting over a break-up? I made it through the dreadlock phase. And the pizza box hurdle race seems to have evaded me this time altogether. 

So, just give me a little bit more time, ok? One day the joy (of living, cooking... what ever that may be) will be back. And then, so will I. Along with this blog.

PS. Just so you know, in case I ever go silent for whole two weeks ever again, just send a fire brigade over just in case, ok?

PPS. Do make sure they're all single, though.

PPPS. Oh and I won't mind if they're a bit absent-minded, either. You know, the kind that forgot to wear a shirt...?




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