Saturday, 15 August 2015

Holidays and chick flick cliches

I mean, you know them, too, right? All those hashtags that social media newsfeeds have been full of in the past months, declaring how this is the #summerofmylife? #bestsummerever? Well, not so much for yours truly. #shittiestsummerever or #hatemylifevenmorethissummer might convey mine, though. But hey ho, only 10 months until the next try. Totally doable.

For the first month of the summer I was fighting bronchitis,  the following was spent healing a broken heart. Next thing you know it was mid-August. Kids were starting schools and new lives as I was trying to bury them remains of my old... not having even had the first ice cream of the summer!

So, I had two choices, each suck chick flick clichés. I could either stay in my bed, hiding from the world, wait for the life to continue and dream of The Right Person to come along. Or get out of the bed, face the world, decide to move on my life and be The Right Person myself. You want to get shit done? Do it yourself. Hah! How's that for empowering thought of the day, Paolo Coelho?

Luckily there's internet. Which is not just full of chick flicks, but also travel agents. I didn't want much: sun, sea and octopus. Five minutes later I was staring at the booking confirmation on my laptop screen. Destination Greece and Albania. Departure tomorrow.

I will fill my suitcase with bikinis, bling bling, a couple of books, a hat and diving shoes (well of course I have diving shoes! You can't imagine my shock upon learning in Egypt there were shoes I did not yet own!). My plan is to not have any plans and screw my usual minute-to-minute schedule and just relax. Overdose on octopus, lie in the sun and dive a little. To actually holiday, for the first time in years (though I probably wouldn't mind avoiding robbery, rape and murder, too)

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