Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Meatless Monday, Pizza Monday - Potato and rosemary pizza and Taittinger Réserve Brut

I've been getting a lot of messages asking how I am. And you know what? I'm fine. I really, truly, sincerely am.

Yes, recent months have had more turbulence than a passenger plane being shot down my the Russians (come on Putin - we know it was you all along and not those Ukrainian separatists!) but now everything is good. So very good. 

I went on my first (and quite possibly the last) ever Tinder date. In just 22,5 minutes I'd managed to kick off a class war. And anyway, he supported the wrong football team so it could have never gone anywhere anyway.

The next candidate Tinder tried to match me with was a former porn star. Who I know has herpes. And, as it turned out, also a wife. So, I left Tinder and never returned. 

Fully aware of how I suck at making a good first impression I decided to try my luck and speed dating. But that coincided with Manchester United - Liverpool game so obviously I didn't make the date after all. 

So, it might be safe to assume I just might end up alone. But happy.

I might not have The Boy Next Door in my life anymore, but I have my Family Next Door, El Mercados. And all the other wonderful loves of my life that have been making sure my kitchen table is never short of people... or laughter.

Last weekend for instance, was exactly the kind of weekend all weekends should be like: no rush anywhere, laid-back get-togethers, good food, great wine, awesome people... and pizza.

But vegetarian pizza, because of Meat-free October  

You'll find my pizza recipe here. You can make it well in advance (up to 3 days ahead), store it in the fridge and then, when the lazy Sunday strolls in with the inevitable craving for pizza, you'll have freshly baked pizza at the table in less time it takes to order one in. 

Potato and rosemary pizza is a simple classic which you can pimp any way you like. Use sour cream or any kind of cream cheese you like (regular, one with chives, one with garlic, one with black pepper...) Thinly sliced red onions are a good addition. We got a little giddy and topped ours with caviar. 

Though, a vegetarian kind because of Meat-free October  

Depending on the size and desired thickness this makes 2-4 pizzas

Pizza con patate e rosmarino - potato, rosemary and cream cheese pizza:

1 portion of pizza dough

200 cream cheese
3 large potatos, thinly sliced (mandolin gives the best results!)
4 sprigs of rosemary, finely chopped
salt, pepper

to serve: rosemary oil

Roll the pizza dough balls into thin sheets. Spoon cream cheese on them, leaving a 2 cm margin around the edges, place the potato slices overlapping one another, sprinkle rosemary on top and season with salt and pepper. Bake at 250-275° (depending n your oven) until crust is golden - 6-8 minutes. 

Try not to burn the pizzas - this is not a good time to start giggling at catastrophic auditions on Bulgarian Idol (however, should you decide to do it anyway, you'll find them here)

Drizzle with rosemary oil (for how-to, just see here!) and serve.

It's never a bad time to turn everyday into a celebration (if you're not going to spoil yourself, who is?), instead of just wine we decided to crack open a bottle of bubbly!

Taittinger is a Champagne we've been getting to know quite a bit recently. Taittinger Réserve Brut has charming elegance (courtesy of high proportion of Chardonnay) with gentle toastiness (aged for minimum three years) but also complexity (mineral notes, balanced acidity and mellow bubbles that linger on) that makes it clear you've moved on to something just a little bit better. 

Serve as an aperitif, as something to celebrate the new chapter in your life with or with grilled seafood or (red) fish.

PS. For more pizza ideas, see here. Now that Halloween and pumpkins are in season you should definitely try my pumpkin and chorizo pizza or these festive prosciutto, brie and pear pizzette!




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