Monday, 5 October 2015

Vegetarian delights - inspiration for those meatless Mondays

Last week the blog kicked off Meatless October with this glorious Thai red curry. More soy-based recipes will follow soon, but here is some inspiration for those Meatless Mondays already on the blog.


This miso and mung bean vermicelli salad swiftly became one of my friends' favourites, being one that's suitable for all sorts of special diets, too!

The key to this crunchy chickpea salad, originally from Yotam Ottolenghi, is the warm, spicy dressing echoing Middle East.

And panzanella, Italian bread salad is a classic for a reason. 

This easy potato salad is another favourite of mine, packed with Mediterranean sun. 


Soups are one of the easiest ways smuggle more veggies into one's diet and a wonderful way to keep warm in the cold autumn evenings.

Just try this roasted tomato soup with basil oil.

Not only is Crème Ninon such eye candy, it also adds a welcome splash of decadence - it's made with Champagne after all! Just omit the bacon or substitute for instance with roasted seeds.

There's something charmingly elegant about Vichyssoise, too. Tastes great both warm and chilled.

And you'd be hard pressed trying to find a recipe more warming than this Indian sweet potato soup.

I've never liked cauliflower, but this soup gets a nice touch from... wait for it... vanilla!

Comfort food:

These pumpkin gnocchi with sage butter is one of my own all time veggie recipe favourites, And hey - pumpkin is in season right now! 

These spinach and ricotta ravioli get their inspiration from Italy, too.

Risotto is one of the most comforting dishes there are- like Nonna's arms wrapped around you. Here's a version with beetroot...

Are you guys big on Meatless Mondays? Any veggie favourites you'd like to share?




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