Thursday, 5 November 2015

Minibreak in Turku: Scandic Julia

As a travel organizer I didn't exactly have my job  for Food and Fun cut out for me. 

As life got in the way of all my brilliant (I'd like to keep on thinking so, anyway...) plans (break-ups, cat blogger get-togethers, people getting sick, all that jazz....)  I wound up going to Turku all on my own. But in case you have a dinner reservation to, Kaskis, the most wanted restaurant in the country (yes, I had that!) you don't really need to spend that much time advertizing it in the hopes of bagging a hopeful companion (no, not Tinder). 

The other half of the lovely Turku residents that turned up for the surprise engagement do of my British Brother and his chosen betrothed, The Mane Magician volunteered in a matter of seconds. And was actually (if possible) even more impressed than I was)

But what do you know. These people of mine... damn. They just make you go awwwww at every possible turn. That Mane Magician? What do you think she did? Yes, she boarded the first possible train and joined us. I think a little   is in order, wouldn't you?

This time around we decided on Scandic Julia, which according to my first step of appraisals (the location) got a full score. Smack in the middle it is the perfect spot for exploring the city. And its nightlife).

(Though should you be  in that way inclined, the reception would also equip you with say, a bicycle or Nordic walking sticks. Free of charge. Just saying....)

Renovated in 2011 the hotel is in rather a fresh condition, though the common areas are peculiarly hospital-like. Another thing that serves to empathize the non-hotel-like atmosphere is the fact that you walk up the escalator in order to get to the reception, located at the second floor of the shopping centre the enterprise is located in. Service though is spot on.

We'd been upgraded to a Superior Extra room. No complaints there (some of the rooms are actually bigger than the flat I live in...) and since the hotel is located all those few strategic inches off the centre square, the rooms are actually rather peaceful and quiet, too.

For a blogger's needs (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook always at the ready) the rooms were ideal as well: they came equipped with free Wi-Fi and docking station for an iPod (among other things)

Oh, and an iron and an ironing board which I truly in order to make myself look like a human being after a busy, busy day touring all sorts of fairs and things and such.

Upon seeing the plush bath robes I got just a little giddy (again). Surely bath robes would mean... a bath tub?

(And the cosmetics by Face Stockholm did receive a very appreciating nod as well...)

But no. No bath. 

Instead there appeared to be a new room altogether. It did take me a moment to realize why, but after that my joy knew no bounds. I have my own sauna. MY OWN SAUNA, PEOPS!

And seeing how our evening progressed from joyous to triumphant to let's-not-got-to-bed- like-ever ,having our own sauna was just about the best way to wake up to. Right after the breakfast (yes, the last - and quite possibly the most significant - step in my hotel evaluation) that somebody else cooks. Now, I never, ever have breakfast in normal circumstances but hotels? I go and get bloody crazeeeeeee. Just can't get enough of those!

No complaints there either: there was a lot of everything and the bacon was crisp to the point of optimal. I might have wanted more fishy treats (yet I'm beginning to finally realize my fascination with pickled fish first thing in the morning is not something the majority of the world shares with me...)

After the late check out (free of charge until 2 pm!) we felt ready to face to challenges of yet another day of Food and Fun. And my, oh, my, that's exactly what we got. Next up is Karu Izakaya and Pinella. Do, doooooo, join us!




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