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Park Hotel Turku - the most unique hotel in the city

Park Hotel Turku is the most unique hotel in Turku and charms with its Art Nouveau style, history and residents.

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Me and my wifey, The Cat Blogger are quite possibly the best couple that never was. Not only is she the only person I'd dare to go travelling with (and expose the full range of my neuroticism), she's also someone I have so much in common. Such as our twisted sense of esthetics: less is never more and too much only seldom enough. 

That's why my choice for our hotel in Turku was Park Hotel, where you well and truly get  your share of glitz and glamour and kitsch and quirky.

Nestling in a quiet neighbourhood close to the city centre Park Hote's location is excellent. Railway station for one is right around the corner. Surrounded by residential buildings one's sleep is not distracted even by the noise from the streets as there isn't any.

And hey - there's a family of hedgehogs living in the garden! Told you - quirky.

This unique Art Nouveau villa was built at the beginning of 20th century by an Englishman called Edward Eager. It stayed in private residential use until 1956 after which it used to house a home ecoconomics school until 1982. After a 2-year renovation it opened as a hotel in 1984.

Each of the hotel's 20 rooms is individually decorated and full of character homely feel (Go and ogle. Adore. Seriously.)

Customer servide was friendly and instantly welcoming. It was as if we were visiting our Grandma.  A special thank you for the adequate amount of sockets in the room - when 2 bloggers are on the road there just can't be enough of them... Oh, and for the bath tub into which I disappeared as soon as I could. 

Bathroom was hilariously well equipped - there were even sachets of indigestion medicine. After the Food Walk this was slightly less hilarious as they really came in handy...!

Breakfast selection was compact and good. The companion was happy with all the fresh fruit on offer - I myself was busy devouring elements more crucial to my survival. Such as bacon.

After the breakfast we got to meet another local legend: African grey parrot called Jaakko, who holds his court in the reception. This time this 45-year-old distingyushed gentleman was not feeling very social, but on a good day you can apparently hear him burst into Beethoven...!

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