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Rhubarb compote with orange and cinnamon

This rhubarb compote is ready in less than 10 minutes and is divine with just about everything. Pancakes, ice cream, Greek yogurt, French toast...

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The cottage that served as the final destination of our Saun Express tour surprised us with its history, too. One Tove Jansson used to holiday there and write stories about the beloved characters of Moomin valley. 

Moomins occupy a particular and oh, so charming world of their own where everyone is free to be be who they are and everyone is being cared for. There's humanity there that we grown ups of today could use by bucket loads. I'd probably still be reduced to a slobbering teary mess upon seeing invisible child again; a story where Moominmamma's unwavering love allows her to finally trust others and become visible again. 

I relate to so many of the characters, but she's probably the one I'm closest to. There's room for everyone in Moominmamma's huge heart and around her dining table. 

Even as the end of the world is ooming her main concern is whether she should go back to the cellar and retrieve yet another jar of jam before they flee. Oh, well. If the world as we know it is about to end anyway, what's the point of kvetching. If that is not the moment to through a pan cake party, I don't know what is. 

Rhubarb is in season (and everyone is probably sick of rhubarb recipes already...?) so, that's what I went for during my latest jam-making session. The result was this rhubarb compote which gets lovely warmth from orange and cinnamon. And hey, it couldn't be quicker or easier - it's ready in less than 10 minutes! Owing to the low sugar content it won't keep as well as jams, but you can freeze it, too. And being this wuick to make - you can whip up a new batch any time!

For less sweetness, halve the amount of sugar and orange juice given below. 

Rhubarb compote with orange and cinnamon

Rhubarb compote with orange and cinnamon:

500 g rhubarb
1,5 dl sugar
juice of an orange (1 dl)
1 cinnamon stick 

Trim the ends off rhubarb. If the rhubarb is very thick, halve it lengthwise. Cut diagonally into a couple of cm thick slices. Measure all ingredients into a smallish pot and cover. Heat over medium heat until the sugar has ocmpletely dissolved. Decrease the heat and continue cooking for another 5 minutes until the rhubarb starts to break apart. If you want a smoother consistency, continue cooking for further 5 minutes. 

Let cool. Remove the cinnamon and serve. Kicks ass with this Aland pancake!

Rhubarb compote with orange and cinnamon_2

If you're looking for new ideas for rhubarb, make sure to check this recipe of mine for rhubarb tart with goat cheese and rosemary!

What's your stance on rhubarb  yey or ney? What are your favourite recipes?





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