Sunday, 31 July 2016

Watermelon gazpacho

Refreshing gazpacho offers a cooling breeze - this summer's hottest version is made with watermelon!

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I'm the first to admit it: I'm pathetically crap at eating fruit and veg. Unless they're deep-fried, that is. Or wrapped in bacon. Which, especially with fruit just doesn't happen often enough.

The hotel breakfasts at our travels serve a regular reminder of this. As the Cat Blogger is busy filling her plate with everything that's fresh and green I stand in the queue for my third top-up of bacon. But let's face it: all that green stuff just fails to evoke the sort of passions and uncontrollable cravings that, say, pizza does. Or the aforementioned bacon. 

No-one is ready to chew their own arm off to get carrots. No person walks home from the bar at 4am with cauliflower in their hand. No shop on Saturday mornings is inundated with people desperate for tomatos. Am I right or are you wrong?

There is one exception to this, though. Watermelon. I just can't get enough of that one and in the summer it's something I legitimately do crave. To a point it hasn't even occurred to me to out bacon in it. Yes, I just said that. 

During the last weeks Finland has bathed in such sunshine it's been difficult to remember this is Finland. Which is great, seeing how I'll be far too busy to do any travelling. And heat like this cries out for something cooling, such as gazpacho.

Previously I've shared with you recipe for the traditional, tomato-based one, cucumber version, its Andalusian cousin salmorejo and the white version called ajo blanco. This summer's hottest ticket though is this: watermelon gazpacho. Quite possibly the best of the lot. 

Oh, and if you want to go the extra mile, roastng/ grilling the ingredients adds a new dimension to this (and other gazpachos)!

Serves 4, as a shot-sized portion 12

Watermelon gazpacho:

1 kg watermelon cubes (approximately 1 mini watermelon)
2 tomatos
1/2 red pepper
1/2 small red onion
1/2 cucumber
1 jalapeño
3/4 dl oil
2 tbsp red wine vinegar (or sherry vinegar)
1,5 tsp salt
large bunch of coriander (reserve a little for serving)

to serve: oil, coriander leaves, remaining veggies finely chopped

Dice the veggies and finely chop the remaining veggies for serving. Place all the ingredients in a blender and whizz until smooth. Let cool in the fridge for a couple of hours or even until the following day. 

Check the taste before serving and adjust adding more salt and/ or vinegar. Drizzle oil on top and serve with the chopped up veg and coriander.





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