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Boutique hotel Pariisin Ville in Porvoo - what a gem!

If a hotel can be love at first sight (and we all know it can!), boutique hotel Pariisin Ville in Porvoo is just that.

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Boutique hotel Pariisin Ville in Porvoo is a hotel I'd been dreaming of ever since they opened (yes, I do love my hotels. That much...) For me Porvoo is something that needs to be experienced at least once a summer, but it's impossible to get enough of it in just one day. 

So, what you really want to do is make your way here for a romantic minibreak and trust me: you can't do better than this hotel.

Pariisin Ville 1

The moment I walked into the hotel that comprises of just 10 rooms, I knew my stay was going to be a good one. A very good one. 

The jazz lingering in the background, decor that is just the right amount of opulence and elegance and friendly service immediately whisked me into another world; a world where it's never too early for Champagne and life is there to be enjoyed. 

Pariisin Ville 2

Both the hotel and its owners' restaurant Sicapelle have been named after another bona fide bon vivant; a sculptor Ville Vallgren (1855-1940).

"Open, loud, impulsive and peculiar friend of good food and wine" is how the hotel'd website describes the man; words that sound eerily familiar...!

(Sicapelle, by the way, was his pet pig, so in peculiarity stakes he beats yours truly)

Pariisin Ville 3

Hotel's wine bar sources its carefully curated wines from small quality producers in Central Europe. Focus is on organic and biodynamic wines. 

Pariisin Ville 4

Hotel's unique ambiance is down to thoroughly thought-through details; both in the public areas and each of the individually designed rooms (prices €135- €290 per night, including breakfast).

Pariisin Ville 5
Pariisin Ville 6
Pariisin Ville 7

Each room has a separate living room area in addition to the sleeping room. Some have their own sauna, one even its own sauna department with its own balcony.

Pariisin Ville 8

Everything here is done just a little bit better - starting from the toiletries.

The only minus comes for the wifi, which none of us could get to work.

Pariisin Ville 9

That just a little bit better applies to breakfast as well, and I managed to Instagram quite possibly the perfectly ethereal breakfast photo, the Holy Grail of travel bloggers. 

(Ok, I'm a little ashamed right now...)

Pariisin Ville 10
Pariisin Ville 11

Small but top quality selection comes from local small producers.

Pariisin Ville 12

And hey - in case you can't bear to leave your room, you can have the breakfast come to you! With Champagne! (€65 for two)

Pariisin Ville 13

How about that? Isn't that just about the most adorable hotel you've ever seen?

* Hotel stay was part of Taste House Porvoo's SMAKU tour





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