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Last minute edible gifts for holiday season

Check out these tips for last minute edible gifts - guaranteed to bring joy to the world!

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The holiday season is upon us. Again. And just like each year, it seems to have come as a surprise. Again. 

Sure, considering how it occurs pretty much regularly every 365 days or so, one would think there's a way to actually be prepared. But no. And I doubt I'm the only one...?

Next year I'll be prepared as hell, though: without a doubt everyone I know will receive a 200-page surprise with my name on the cover.

Edible gifts, however, are something that are as fun to make as they are to receive. It's a gift that's full of love and sustainable, too. It will save the receipients from having to spend the first post-holiday day at a queue with millions of others, trying to see if there's any way they could change those Garfield-print PJ's to something they might actually be able to live with (like, nail scissors) or in the search of nearest charity shop where to dump that 10-feet battery-operated Santa Claus that keeps belting Jingle Bells like there's no tomorrow.

(PS. In case you're reading this while standing in an endless queue with fellow last minute shoppers, clutching onto a life-size statue of a singing Santa, step away NOW. Walk away from the shop and never look back.)

Tastiest foodie gifts for holiday season

Some of you have already told me both your holiday feast and gift bags will feature this rustic pork terrine. Place it on a vintage tray (flea markets are the best places to find these!), wrap with cellofan and finish with those left over ribbons we all have lying around and you're so good to go. 

Jouluinen maalaisterriini possusta_pysty

And how about Mediterranean spreads? Delicious and guaranteed to delight even those with dietary restrictions. They also provide a convenient way to do something about those glass jars that keep piling up in the kitchen cabinets (surely I'm not the only one...?)

Some of my favourites are this wonderful eggplant dip..

... and muhammara, which will also be featured in my up and coming book!

Here you'll find a selection of different hummuses!

Don't forget the sweet varieties, either - who wouldn't love a jar of say, orange curd?

Give some bread!

In the Nordics Christmas just isn't Christmas without the dark, dense, sweet and malty archipelago bread.

Here's an even more Christmassy take on it with figs.

Crisp bread is a quick and easy way to bake and Christmassy cookie cutters give them a wonderfully festive shape!

Or you could pick up a nice pot or baking dish and fill with with either no-knead bread or these pretty barley rolls!

Sweet treats for everyone!

Anything sweet is guaranteed to be a hit this time of the year. Bake some cookies, stash them in a pretty paper bag and surprise your colleagues, neighours... or those unexpected visitors.

Biscuits don't get much easier, quicker to make or irresistible than these oat snaps and I can almost guarantee you already have the ingredients lying around. Mine get a little extra from cardamom and orange.

I have also yet to meet a person who wouldn't fall head over heels in love with these Italian cantuccini.

And hey - they're made with no fat!

And in case you really need to impress someone (mother-in-law, anyone?) these stained glass biscuits will do the trick.

In case the recipient isn't too keen on sweet stuff (say, whaat?), surprise them with this Spanish treat pan de higo, which could be served as an accompaniment for cheeses, too.

Chocolate galore!

I dread to think how much chocolate I, too, will be going through over the next week. Strangely enough, there always seems to be room for some more, so here goes!

How about surprising your loved ones with some home-made chocolate truffles?

Here you'll find my recipe for truffles with chocolate and port wine...

... while these babies combine roasted white chocolate and blueberries.

These chocolatey treats are ready in no time and they're fun to make even with little helpers. Sky's the limit when it comes to choosing what to have in yours!

And come on - who doesn't love Rocky Road?

You guys all set for the holidays? Any edible gifts in your stockings this year?





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