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Scandic Rubinen - chain hotel's perks in boutique hotel ambiance

Scandic Rubinen in Gothenburg is a hotel where chain hotel's perks meet boutique hotel ambiance. Cosy hotel with excellent location - perfect for exploring Gothenburg!

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During my latest trip to Gothenburg I stayed at Scandic Rubinen - a hotel choice familiar from previous stays, too. The hotel didn't let me down this time either, so I whole-heartedly recommend this place as perfect base for exploring Gothenburg.

The location seriously couldn't be better. Smack in the middle of leafy boulevard of Kungsportsavenyn, one of Gothenburg's main streets, this hotel is within short walking distance from absolutely everything

Haga, for instance, is less than 15 minutes away and there are several great restaurant mere minutes away. And in case you feel like exploring Gothenburg futher afield, the tram stop is located right in front of the hotel. Even airport shuttle's bus stop (Kungsportsplatsen), too, is only about 5-minute-walk away. Full points for convenience!

The exterior doesn't make one's heart sing, I'll give you that. Concrete box so depressigly reminiscent of 70's (and Soviet's) archtecture is a bit of an eyesore in Kungsportsavenyn's plush scenery, but luckily there's a whole new world waiting on the inside. 

Completely revamped in 2013, this hotel charms with its eclectic decor pampering one's eyes with endless intriguing details. 

Rubinen (that's ruby in Swedish) truly is a gem. There's decadent velour, bold prints, vibrant colours, gold galore and creative contrasts - all brought together in a way that manages to be both fun and fiercely stylish. 

I loooooove hotels and especially hotels with this kind of sense of aesthetics are so totally up my alley... as you might have noticed already.

Remember Pariisin Ville in Porvoo? Or Metropole Semarah in Riga? See?

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen

As you walk in you'll notice the absence of the generic carbon-copy look that usually characterizes chain hotels. 

The ambiance; a funky fusion of playfulness and opulence creates a boutique hotel-like atmosphere. This hotel combines all the perks of a chain hotel with those more personal touches of boutique hotels. Best of the both worlds!

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_reception

The eclectic vibe and abundant details continue through rest of the public space, too. The casually cool bar deserves a special nod, too, and has become a very popular after work- hangout among the locals as well. 

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_bar

One of my favourite places would have to be the rooftop bar Rubinen, though. Balmy summer evenings, your skin still glowing from the sun, glass of chilled rosé, setting as understatedly stylish as this and views over the city... can you think of a better way to kick off an evening?

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_kattobaari
Kuvat: Scandic Rubinen

Superior rooms located in 7th floor (roughly €130-€170 per night, depending on the day of the week) also offer a way to enjoy the fantastic views over Kungsportsavenyn: each room has a door leading to the shared full facade-length terrace. 

Earlier we've stayed in Superior room named after Edith Piaf, which even had a bath tub (which, as you know, I just can't get enough of!)

This time, through collaboration, the hotel had booked us in Superior Sleep- room (prices vary between €150-€200) where we were greeted by own private terrace facing the quieter courtyard side of the building. 

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_Supersior Sleep_terassi
Kuva: Scandic Rubinen

Though blessed with serious size (I've had flats that were smaller!), for some reason the bath room in this room cathegory don't come with a bath tub. 

While that is a shame, the bathrooms throughout get points for their toiletries; courtesy of Face of Stockholm. Not only are they good quality but I also applaud the use of ecologically more sound and user-friendly larger containers. 

They stock everything you could want: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap and body lotion. 

As any woman flying in this post 9/11 era of pesky liquid quotas I thoroughly appreciate finding everything I need in the hotel and not having to even try and squeeze everything into that minuscule zip lock that never quite manages to accommodate all the necessities.

One thing I particularly appreciate is that body lotion: for some reason it is the one thing hotel bathroom's miniature bottle arsenall usually lack, even though sunny days in the summer, cold days in the winter and the dryness of air conditioning all make sure it is the one thing at least I have probably the most use for. 

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_kylpyhuone

The room welcomed us with refreshments and a fruit platter (nice touch - you all know how bad I am at eating fuit and veg  on my own...)...

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_hedelmälautanen

...and selection of international glossies and more treats from Face of Stockholm. 

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_lehdet

Room's decor continues that eccentric Alice in Wonderland- vibe.

It wasn't actually until I was already back home, editing the photos, that I realized why I felt so relaxed and at home here: both the bold choice of colours and furnitures reflect the style of my own home, too!

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_huone_Superior Sleep

Our room also had a separate bedroom the peace of which I loved retiring to at the end of each day. Soothingly serene atmosphere, motorized bed  (!) and the arms of the person I love the most. Now that's bliss.

The wing where this room was located was being renovated during our stay and judging by the "Staff only" sign forgotten on the sliding door separating the bedroom from the living room area, we were probably among the first guests to stay there.

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_makuuhuone_Superior Sleep

For three days this chaisse-longue served as my home office and I would have happily taken it home with me.Seeing it still makes me sigh.

 I've got to get me one of those! 

Anybody have ay tips as to where to look for one?

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_divaani

Breakfast didn't leave any room for improvement, either. The selection is extensive (perks of that chain hotel) but with stylish attention to small things (as you'd expect from a boutique hotel). Bacon and scrambled eggs for instance were served out of Le Creuset's enamel pots which matched the hotels colour scheme nicely as opposed to those horrendous stainless steel vats that always make me think of hospitals. 

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_aamiainen

There's also a good selection of gluten-free choices: several types of bread for instance and all laid our separately to avoid cross-contamination. 

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_aamiainen 2

And the absolutely most important thing? Yes, bacon was good and crunchy.

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_aamiainen 3

Location, bathroom's equipment and breakfast - those are my main concerns when staying in a hotel . How about you guys? What are the things that either make or break a hotel for you?

Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_Scandic Rubinen_do not disturb

* In collaboration with Scandic Hotels Rubinen Gothenburg



Andalusian auringossa_Göteborg_kauppahalli_Feskekorka   Pariisin Ville 2      


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