Friday, 24 February 2017

Meat District Porvoo - carnivore's wet dream

Dying for a proper steak and some serious wine? Then Meat District Porvoo is a place for you.

* * * 

Crisis has been averted. I'm done crying (for now, anyway) and looking forward to the future.

The reason for my sudden burst of happiness? I spent the last weekend in Porvoo.

On a date.

With the Gothenburger.

My feet are finally almost touching the ground and my fingers are ready to type stuff other than lovey-dovey heart-eyed-emojis.

But let me just tell you this: he. Is. Amazing. 

As I was busy putting the itinerary together for the weekend I asked my date if he'd be more into fine dining or carnivore's wet dream. The answer came quicker than a rocket from Gaza: "meat". 

And when in Porvoo, that can only mean one thing: Meat District.

Porvoo is bustling with intriguing restaurants but it didn't take Meat District long to make its mark. The restaurant doesn't flirt with what ever trend is sweeping through foodie world and doesn't apologize for it either. 

They are unashamedly good at what they do and that is meat. Locally produced, organic kind. 

When you're greeted with a steak knife that size, you just know you're in for good stuff.

According to their website the menus are available for vegetarians, too, but meat is what keeps people flocking here.

And I can't really imagine any ethereal vegan activist would be too thrilled about the focal point of the restaurant's decor: the meat aging cabinet that takes up an entire wall.

We on the other hand couldn't stop admiring it. It is a thing of beauty.

We kicked off our second first date with Hendrick's G&T (€11.50). 

And, if at all possible, kept staring each other even more enchanted than during the original first date. My cheeks still hurt from all the smiling...!

There's an 8-course-menu MD All In (€79)  and a 4-course-menu Half In (€59). Both also come with wine packages paired by the sommelier combining both natural and classic wines (€32/ €46).

By the time we discovered dry aged beef for two (€84) was entrecôte, we knew we just had to have some. 

We started our carnivorous carnage with cold cuts (€19) and Bosgård's beef tartare (€14.90).

So very good. That Pata Negra practically melted in one's mouth.

As the main made its grand entrance at the table it became increasingly evident tonight wasn't going to be the night we do anything in moderation. 

Just look at the size of that slab!

The entrecôte was served with grilled lettuce, baked potatos, Bearnaise and marinated red cabbage, the acidity of which nicely balanced the richness of the meat and sauce.

Just looking at the entrecôte and its glorious crust and smokey aroma (courtesy of Mibrasa charcoal grill) still makes me a bit emotional. 

You'd think that by the time you wobble back to the hotel with your stomach holding half a dead cow, romance would be the last thing on your mind. You'd be wrong. 

You'd also think that after a meat feast like that, you wouldn't be in the mood for meat for a while, but you'd be wrong - again. The whiff of a barbecue flowing on the streets of Porvoo the following day made me want to dig into that all over again.

Good stuff.

Much like at the owners' other restaurant Sicapelle, they're awfully keen on natural wines over here.

We're not though, so we went for Taurasi de Falco from Southern Italy (€69). It's full-bodied voluptiousness and aromatic character bordering on smoky was a very good choice indeed.

Located in one of Old Porvoo's wooden houses Meat District has a relaxed ambiance where it's impossible not to feel at ease. Even the thought of dessert was too much for our stomachs, but instead we stayed behind devouring each others' company, some coffees and post-dinner cocktails until we realized we were the only customers left. 

Pretty damn good second first date, if you ask me.

The total came to €262. 

Seeing Gothenburger sit across the table, being able to hold his hand and seeing that smile I'd been missing for months - priceless. For everything else there's Mastercard...

* * * 

Meat District
Gabriel Hagertin kuja
06100 Porvoo

+358 (0)20 7705 390

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