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Potato, potatoe - affordable potato recipes around the world (gluten-free, vegan, kosher)

Stuck in a spud rut? Check out my tips  for affordable potato recipes around the world!

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If there's something I've recently realized it is this. Unlike, say, UN or common sense in this world, there really isn't much the humble potato can't do.

My recent cooking sessions have shown just how versatile a veggie it truly is. Mind you - the spud, originally from Peru, was not an instant hit upon its arrival in Europe back in 16th century. Originally it wasn't even deemed fit for human consumption and was only fed to pigs.

But eventually the gutsy crop broke through with its resilience even in our Arctic conditions where nothing survives. Back in 1950's the annual consumption per person was something as insane as nearly 190 kilos per year. As dietary diversity grew and Atkins instilled in us the fatal fear of carbs, the number has gone down to about one third of that. 

In my opinion the humble potato deserves to have its moment in the limelight though: it is cheap, it is good, it is ecological and actually the star ingredient of so many of my favourite dishes.

Such as this so-good-it'll-make-you-cry mash. Can't think of anything as comforting as this!

Proper mash is also what makes this Reindeer shepherd's pie so yummy.

For classically British taste buds there's also the traditional English shepherd's pie...

... and the slightly fancier fish pie I used to woo over my English mother-in-law.

And since no British Sunday Roast is perfect without the proper roasties, here's a twist that will take their Britishness up a dozen notches: Salt & Vinegar potatos!

But Finns are not alone with their love of all things potato - our Western neighbours Swedes are every bit as crazy about them. 

Hasselback potatos for instance swiftly became one of my most popular recipes ever. 

Sweden is also home to this delight: Hanna's herring and potato bake.

Herring, potato and eggs for somewhat of a holy trinity in Sweden and that's a combo that is celebrated both in this recipe for smoked herring spread...

... and in this peculiarly named recipe for  gubbröra. Which I'd like to emphasize was not made using old men. 

And is there a dish more classic (and suited for every hour of the clock!) than Jansson's temptation?

But potato is widely used elsewhere in the world, too, as my culinary crusades have taught me. From Greece I brought back recipe for skordalia, a garlicky potato dip...

...and from Bulgaria my souvenir recipes featured patatnik, Bulgarian mint and potato omelette.

And you don't need to look far for patatnik's European cousins - one can be found in a nother country that's become very familiar from this blog: Spain. 

Tortilla Española, por favor!

And while its name would bizzarely point to Russia, the recipe for Ensalada Rusa, one of my favourite potato salads ever, is firmly from Spain, too.  

And hey - there's also a recipe on the blog for German potato salad

With bacon! Jawohl!

Potato gives salads lovely richness and seeing how I don't see the point of those wispy-waspy leafy salads, it's one of my favourite ways to use potatos. 

Salad Nicoise is a classic for a reason. Mon Dieu, how good it is!

And this Mediterranean potato salad is one of our picnic staples year after year - it's gluten-free,vegan and kosher. 

Oh, and you know what else? Pizza. Oh, yes. Potato in a pizza.

As long as you choose the right kind of potato, there isn't much you couldn't do with it. Such as soups. Such as Vichyssoise, which is every bit as divine served cold or hot.

Oddly  enugh,  while consumption of potatos is decreasing in the Western world, it's on the rise in regions such as Far East.
And once you've tried my Massaman curry with chicken, I think you'll reach for seconds, too.

Poatoalso help with textures, allowing many dishes to be made gluten-free. Secret to these Tunisian fish keftas? You guessed it: potato. 

Let's hear from you guys! What's your potato favourite? Have you tried any of these recipes?



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