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Tunnbrödsrulle - best of Swedish street food (gluten-free)

Tunnbrödsrulle, Swedish flatbread wrap with hot dogs, mash and the works is a Swedish street food classic and easy to make at home, too.

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Though I love to eat well and in nice places, in I have my guilty pleasures, too. 

In Stockholm there's one thing I always make time for: a stop at one of their street food kiosks and tunnbrödsrulle.

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Tunnbrödsrulle is a peculiarity the Swedes devour especially in the wee hours of the morning after a night spent devouring alcoholic beverages.

It consists of a Nordic flatbread called tunnbröd (literally flatbread), stuffed with mash (two ice cream scoops), hot dog or two (ether grilled or boiled) and all the usual accompaniments: cucumber relish, ketchup and mustard.

Andalusian auringossa_ruokablogi_tunnbrödsrulle_gluteeniton

Mine isn't perfect unless it also features shrimp salad (rrrrrrräksallad) crunchy roasted onion flakes (rrrrrrostad lök) - both pronounced with a at least five very prominent, semi-Skoneish "r's".

(That is proably the reason why the Swedes systematically mistake me for a Norwegian? Or maybe it's just an euphemism echoing their Social Democratic kindness to the fact that they all think I'm a bit of a... well, retard?)

Aaaanyway, in case you ever find yourself in Stockholm, a great place for anthropologic observations of the locals in their most natural habitat is Valhallagrillen.

Andalusian auringossa_ruokablogi_tunnbrödsrulle_gluteeniton

As much as Gotheburg has going for them, I've yet to find a decent tunnbrödsrulle. One I tried had been wrapped inside an Arab laffa. And he even tried to smuggle in some salad (?!). 


One is quite simply appalled. 

The Gothenburger just shrugged at my dismay like it was no big deal. Perhaps they've yet to discover the greatness of tunnbrödsrulle? Perhaps it's just a little too... Stockholm for them? 

In which case I will most certainly have to think twice before even entertaining the idea of ever relocating there.

Andalusian auringossa_ruokablogi_tunnbrödsrulle_gluteeniton

Serves 4

Tunnbrödsrulle - Swedish street food classic:

4 flatbreads (glutenfree if needed)
4-8 large hot dogs
mashed potatos (for my favourite recipe see here)
sweet relish
shrimp salad (for recipe see here
crunchy roasted onion flakes

Grill or boil the hot dogs. Warm the flatbread.

Spoon mash on the flatbreads, top with hot dog(s) and add the desired trimmings. 

Wrap into a cone-like shape and feast away.

Damn, it's good. Even in broad day light. And sober!

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You guys ever been to Sweden? Familiar with tunnbrödsrulle? Or do you have another local guilty pleasure there?



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