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Berenjenas Fritas, deep-fried Andalusian aubergines - a quick and easy tapas treat (vegan, gluten-free, kosher)

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Berenjenas Fritas, deep-fried aubergines, are a quick and easy treat that will instantly bring Andalusian tapas bars to your own kitchen!

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As the weather in Finland has varied between rain and hale to sleet and sunshine. And it's June. 

Weather this unpredictable transports my thought back to Andalusia, where, without a doubt, a several airplanes will transport many of you, too. And why wouldn't they?

Just imagine it. 

Continuous sunshine, leisurely strolls along the beach side promenades thick with scent of the salty sea and retiring for long lunches in the sheltered alleyways, with their endless tapas bars.

The smell of meat and shellfish being barbecued filling the air, waiters skipping through the packed terraces and plates and plates of delicious treats being flown into your tiny tables. 

One more gesture pointing at your empty glasses and once more it's beig topped u with chilled wine. 

The warmth of the sun keeps your skin glowing well into the night and it's as if some of that glow makes your insides radiate, too. 

That's just what the dark, Northern soul needs!

Berenjenas Fritas - deep-fried Andalusian aubergine fritters_vegan_gluten-free_kosher_Andalusian auringossa_foodblog_travelblog_2

You'd think that in a heat like that dee-fryng would be the last thing on anyone's mind, but you'd be wrong. So wrong.

Deep-frying is something Andalusians, especially in the Malaga region, are absolutely loco about. 

One of the most peculiar tapas classics in the area are Berenjenas Fritas, deep-fried aubergine fritters. You cut them in discs or, as in this recipe of mine, into chip-like batons. 

Aubergines, by the way, are one of the many delicacies that we have the Arab conquerors to thanks for - they were the ones wh introduced Iberian peninsula to this glorious veggie. 

Rice flour lends the aubergines extra crispness (and helps keep them gluten-free!), but you could just as well use regular flour.

Berenjenas Fritas - deep-fried Andalusian aubergine fritters_vegan_gluten-free_kosher_Andalusian auringossa_foodblog_travelblog_3

Serves four as tapas

Berenjenas Fritas - deep-fried Andalusian aubergine fritters

1 large aubergine (400 g)

2 ¾ dl rice flour
2 ½ dl cold water

For deep-frying:

To serve:
miel de caña -cane sugar honey, dark honey or syrup

Cut the aubergine legntwise into 1 cm-strips and them to similar sized batons, reminiscent of French fries. Scatter with salt, place in a colander and leave to weep for about half an hour. 

Pat them dry. The easiest way to do this is by placing them on a tea towel, covering them with another tea towel and pressing gently.

Combine the ingredients for a thck batter and heat oil in a heavy-based pot until 180ºc. 

Dunk the aubergines in the batter, make sure they're coated all over shake off the excess batter and drop them into the hot oil.

Fry in batches until crunchy and golden. Mix the batter thoroughly before dipping a new batch of aubergines into it. 

Drain the aubergine fritters briefly on kitchen towel, drizzle with honey or syrup and serve. 

Berenjenas Fritas - deep-fried Andalusian aubergine fritters_vegan_gluten-free_kosher_Andalusian auringossa_foodblog_travelblog_PIN ME

Any of you familiar with Berenjas Fritas - deep-fried Andalusian aubergine fritters? Have you guys tried making them at home, too?



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