Here you'll find foodie places we've found and loved on our travels outside Spain. 

Bon Voyage!

Gërthëla, Rruga Ioanianet

Restaurant sepcialized in fish and seafood close to the seaside promenade. In the local (and initially a little confusing) way the dishes are listed by their price per kg.

Taverna Leo, in the corner of Rruga Ismail Tatzati- ja Rruga Abedin Dino streets

Located in the city centre, this tiny family-run tavern is my favourite place in the whole city. Cheap and cheerful Albanian food grille don an open flame barbecue. Grilled lamb ribs and liver particularly good, as are their koftas. 

Taverna Peshkataria, Rruga Peshkataria (turns at the corner of Rruga Mitat Hoxha and Rruga Idriz Alidhima) 

Very affordable fish and seafood restaurant and a firm favourite among the locals. Popular especially for lunch, so turn up early!

Kosmos, ul.Laveleye 19

Restaurant whose interior echoes Scandinavian minimalism and whose food surprises big time. Beautifully presented, well executed dishes - my suggestion is to focus on the starters. 

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Secret by Chef Petrov, Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd 12

Local celebrity chef's restaurant, which serves the first tasting menu (15 courses, about €49) in the country. Slightly odd interior, but at its best the food is brilliant. 

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Bulgarian wineries

Bulgaria is one of the most traditional wine producing countries and thanks to the boutique wineries set up in the recent years the quality is steadily rising. 

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2 stars- on the street leading to the beach

Mezes are their strong suite - other than than nothing special . The only place in the village which serves local specialty of marinated octopus. Their skordalia is excellent, too.

Fantasea, on the hill overlooking the beach

Restaurant with the best views. Good place for fish and seafood. 

Interesting wines, such as Domaine Costa Lazaridin Amethystos  (Sauvignon Blanc - Semillon- Assyrtiko- blend) from Drama in Eastern Macedonia. 

Olympia, on the street eading to the beach a little before the beach

Excellent place for meat; both lovingly cooked lamb shanks and the best sofrito (a Corfiot specialty) in the village. 

Interesting Greek wines.

Zorbas (well, how else...), the main street

Great meze selection - have at least fried little fish and calamari. 

The keftadakias (Greek meatballs) are really good, also worth a go are the local meat stews. 

Bonaparte, Pikk 45

This restaurant empire consists of a restaurant, cafe and a bakery deli, where you can forget all dreams about ever fitting into a bikini again. Well worth it though - try crème brûlée- tart if you don't believe me.

Cafe Pierre, Vene 6

A trip to Tallinn  just isn't complete without a visit to Pierre and their cocoa and cakes. Hot chocolate with orange is my favourite.

Kaks Kokka, Mere Pst 6 E

Stylish restaurant - place that always delivers. Interesting, but affordable menu.  

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Kohvik Moon, Vorgu 3

A restaurant run by two chefs who learned their trade in the top restaurants in Tallinn. Traditional Estonian and Russian cuisine with modern take. 

Slightly challenging location near the habour, but the food and the atmosphere make it worthwhile. Definitely my favourite restaurant in Tallinn. Excellent ingredients, great service, superbly priced and a wonderful atmosphere - here every day feels like Sunday. Reservation recommended.

Kompressor, Rataskaevu 3

Located in the heart of the Old Town this cafe is famous for their cheap and massive pancakes with a variety of savoury and sweet fillings. Perfect for nursing oneself back to life after a long night out. 

Leib Resto Aed, Uus tn 31

A restaurant overlooking a stunningly beautiful courtyard on the edges of the Old Town. Passion for food and quality ingredients is tangible. Great service and excellent wine recommendations. 

Nõmme market

Located about half an hour drive outside Tallinn, this market stocks everything: fish, meat, cheese, flowers, vegetables, fruits... Especially in the summer popular shopping destination for the locals. Easiest way to get there is the bus - no 23 departs from outside Kaubamaja.

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Salt, Vase 14

The location of this petite and picturesque restaurant in Kadriorg might not be the most convenient one, but it's well worth the detour. 

Helpful and knowledgeable staff and a menu that changes often based on the availability of fresh ingredients. Also some rarer treats such as octopus and bull's testicles!

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Tuljak, Pirita Tee 26e

Located outside Tallinn in Pirita, this überstylish restaurant's menu (and service) was plagued by some inconsistency, but at its best the food is outstanding.

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Von Krahli Aed, Rataskaevu 8

Located in the middle of the Old Town in a beautifully restaured town house. At its best the food is superb, but there's an unfortunate inconsistency. 

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El Burj, Khan Ashawarda courtyard

Family-run restaurant in a delightfully restauraured town house in Acre Old Town. Specialized in fish and seafood. 

Abu Hassan, Ha-Dolfin str. 1

Widely regarded as the best hummus in the country. If you can't make it here, they also have a stall at Sarona Market! 

Fleamarket, Rav Yohanan str. 8

Relaxed and trendy restaurant in the outskirts of Jaffa's world-famous fleamarket. Food is good but towards the evening the going does get a bit noisy...

Container, Jaffan beach promenade

Popular brunch venue owing to both its food and cocktail menu. Come early!

Haj Kahil, Raziel str. 18

Located close to the clocktower, Jaffa's landmark, this is a traditional Arab restaurant. Meat dishes particularly good. 

Old Man and The Sea, beach promenade

A classic specialized in fish and seafood - the selection of meze salads (€10 on its own, €5 with the main course) is one of the most legendary in the country.

Eucalyptus, Felt Alley (between Hativat Yerushalayim and Dror Eliel streets)

A top restaurant which draws its inspiration from the Biblical traditions. Tasting menus (also named after Biblical figures) start at €50. 

Kosher (meat) and subsequently not open on Shabbat.

Ima, Shmuel Baruch str. 55

Comforting home cooking by Kurdish Jewish mothers (hence the name; Ima= mother). Their kubbeh soups are particularly good. 

Kosher (meat) and not open on Shabbat.

Mahane Yehuda market

After the renovation some years back the area is now also home to a vibrant restaurant scene. One good way to get to know the area is through Shuk Bites tour (€20).

Machneyuda, Beit Yakov Str. 10

Operation run by a couple of Israeli top chefs and without a doubt one of the most hilarious restaurants you'll come across in Israel. These days (with some luck) you might be able to geta  table even without a reservation (for lunch, anyway). Tasting menu €56.

Nafoura, Latin Patriarch road 

An Armenian restaurant located near Old Town's Jaffa Gate. Worth a visit for the views from the roof top terrace alone. Reservation recommended!

Trattoria Haba, Yafo str. 119 

The downstairs café is home to some seriously delectable pastries which warrant a trip here when ever I'm in the Machane Yehuda neighbourhood. Kosher (dairy).

Stern Winery, Kibutz Tuval

Located within a 10-minute-drive from Karmiel this boutique winery rocks. 

Bayat, St. Gabriel Square

Laid back bar that serves surprisingly good food. Their smoked duck pastrami hash is exactly what you need when suffering withdrawal from bacon.  

Canary, Galilee str. 1

Glorious meze selection which features some more exotic varieties (stuffled spleen, anyone?). Great service and wines from Israeli boutique wineries. 

Cafe Bialik, in the corner of Allenby street and Bialik street

Across the street from Carmel market this cafe is one of my all time favourites. Great place for people watching and breakfast (served all day long) - their shakshouka with merguez is the best there is. Not kosher. 

website (only in Hebrew)

Carmel market, across the street from Cafe Bialik

The most traditional shuk in Tel Aviv - be prepared to lose your sense of time and direction. 


Claro, Sarona Market

Good, no frills Mediterranean food served relaxed, industrial milieu. Not kosher. 

Restaurant's website

Ernesto, Ben Yehuda str. 90

Movingly traditional restaurant run by a family that's originally from Italy. Not kosher, so menu boats seafood, dairy and meat. Try their duck breast carbonara.

Restaurant's website (in Hebrew)

Gelateria Anita, several locations

Eztensive selection of wonderful Italian gelatos. Choosing a favourite is nearly impossible (mine is Crema Catalana).

Keton, Dizengoff str. 145

Beloved local institution - a place where you'll find all the classics of Jewish cuisine from kreplach to cholent. 

Levinski street market

Specialized in spices and nuts, this is a great place to stock up on souvenirs. 

Misedet Shimon, Yihye Kapach str.

Cheap and cheerful (and tiny!) Yemenite soup restaurant in the maze-like narrow side streets of Carmel Market.

Miznon, Ibn Gabirol str. 23 and King George str. 30

A fast food place which revamped the concept Israelis love so much; stuffed pita bread. Try yours with minute steak. Even desserts come in a pita...

Night Kitchen, Lilienblum str.43

Rough and relaxed interior, great service, interesting Israeli wines and gorgeous food with a modern twist.

Sarona Market

The biggest covered indoor market in the country and a true foodie heaven. 

The Local, Ibn Gabirol str. 

Stylish restaurant with a decidedly hipsterish vibe. During weekends they (too) serve a discounted weekend menu. What ever you order, make sure you order it with their smoky aubergine purée.

Tishbi Winery, Binyamina Giv'at Ada

Charming one-stop shop for all the foodies. A must-see even if you're not that into their wines. 

The family also imports Valrhona chocolate, so in addition to wine tatsings, you can also join for a chocolate tasting. They also have a fantastic bakery on the premises - its sourdough bread is also available in the winery's restaurant (kosher, dairy).

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La Taverna del Ghetto, Via del Portico Ottavia 8

The neighbourhood is the old Jewish ghetto, so the street hosts several kosher restaurants. This is a meat one and probably the best. 

The kosher charcuterie are superb. Another dish worth trying is Carciofo alla Giudia, a Roman speciality of fried artichoke.

Restaurant's website

Markets, especially Campo de' Fiore

A little market surrounded by delightful little specialty shops such as Norcineria Viola's amazing charcuteries.

Vincenzo alla Lungaretta, Via della Lungaretta 153, Trastevere

Charming family-run restaurant in one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Rome. Cosy atmosphere and lovely home-cooked meals. 

Abavas winery, Tukums Novads

One of the most charming wine-makers in Latvia. Things to try; their rhubarb sparkling wine and gorgeous grappa.

Pure Chocolate museum and factory, Pure

A small chocolate factory, famous for their use of locall wild berries. 

Terase, Pure-9, Tukuma novads

Bewilderingly great restaurant in the middle of owhere for a fraction of the prices you'd pay in the capital Riga. A true find. 

Libertu, Vindaru iela, Ikskile

Sparkling wine made out of birch sap using Method Champenoise in the cellar in his own garden. The owner is every bit as peculiar as the product.  

36. Line

Consistently awarded as one of the best restaurants in the country. At its best the food is great. Extra points for views overlooking the endless sandy beaches and house Champagne (Taittinger) served by the glass. 

Baltic Beach Spa Hotel

The á la carte menu of Italian restaurant Il Sole is significantly better than the generic options included in half board. In case you really want to splurge, head over the the hotel's Caviar Club.

Faces, Bulduru pr-ts 52, Bulduru

Though the menu suffers a bit from the sameness (then again, nobody else will probably einsist on eating everything on the menu...) there's creativity and quality. The quality of the customer service on the other hand varies. 

3 Pavaru, Torna Iela, Jekaba Kazarmas 2 B

New generation chefs' contemporary take on Latvian culinary traditions in a restaurant with a fresh ambiance. Same owners are also behind another good restaurant Restorans 3.

Bake Berry, Audeju Iela 11

Wondeful bakery and cafe where it's impossible to hold on to moderation. 

Biblioteka no 1, Terbatas str. 2

One of the absolute best restaurant in the country; warrants a recommendation for their carefully curated wine list alone. A fantastic choice for Sunday brunch (they have oysters!!!).

Easy Wine, Audeju Iela 4

Dozens of wines on tap. Swipe a card you're handed upon arrival and pour yourself a one of 3 different-sized portions available. More wines (and Champagnes) also available by the bottle. Also tapas-style portions of food.

Garage, Elizabetes Iela 83/85

Roughly styled wine bar with excellent selection. 

Kalnciema market

Saturday market (in the summer also open on Sundays), where local artisans sell their produce (from arts and crafts and pastries to cheese, honey and wine) 

Muffins & More, Gertrudes Iela 9

Parisian-style little cafe specialized in muffins. A big thumbs up for the lemon variety!

Muusu, Skarnu iela 6

Stylish setting, excellent service, great wines and gorgeous food. 

Nelleulla, Audeju Iela

Glorious handmade chocolates with the most imaginative combinations. 


Parunasim, Maza Piels Iela 4 (entrance from Jekaba street)

Cosy little cafe with pastries, cake, coffee and (depending on the day) live music.

Riga Central Market

The largest indoor market in the whole of Europe. This food lover's paradise consists of five Zeppelin hangars known as pavillions - make sure to stop by at the Uzbek bakery (between fish and veggie pavillions. OUtside the fish pavillion there's also a small Uzbek restaurant (go early before they run out of mantis!)

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Riviera, Dzirnavu Iela 31

Mediterranean flavours in stylish settings.

Restaurant's website

Vincents, Elizabetes Iela 19

Top chef Martins Ritins' top restaurant - one of the best ones in the whole of Baltics. 

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Restaurant's website

Zilver Winery, Piladzi, Saltavota iela

"Wine" made from the fruits and berries from the family's orchard. What genuinely impresses, though, is their Calvados-style apple brandy. Another curiosity is sparkling wine made with Method Champenoise out of... rose petals. 

28+Restaurang och vinbar, Götabergsgatan 28

Michelin-starred restaurant, but its winebar allows to sample their treats on a budget.

Restaurant's website

Cafe Husaren, Haga Nygata 28

Home to cinnamon buns that are quite possibly the largest in the world - I've seen four people trying to finish one. 


Cafe Kringlan, Haga Nygata 13

My favourite of Haga's many charming cafés. Lovely atmosphere and fantastic selection of pastries and cakes. 


Fiskhuset Svanen, Kvarnpiren, Eriksberg

One of my favourite places in Gothenburg, this humble shed houses a fish shop but also does a small menu consististing of the likes of fish soup and fish & chips. My recommendation is to skip the menu though and enjoy the delicacies boutght from the fish shop on their sunny terrace on the pier. Fresh, delicious and cheap selection (langustines start at €16 a kilo, oysters €1/ pc)


Heaven 23, Gothia Towers, Tower 1

A restaurant that's become a legend because of their shrimp sandwich (biggest in Gothenburg and reputedly also in the world). Spectacular views over Liseberg amusemt park.

If possible, avoid during after work rush when the place is absolutely heaving. 

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Restaurant's website

Kajutan, Feskekôrka

Fish and seafood from herring platters to locally sourced oysters and lobster.

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Market halls

Market halls are still lively shopping destinations in Gothenburg. The city centre is home to Stora Saluhallen, Feskekôrka is specialized in fish. Briggen and Kvillen are smaller and mostly populated by the people living in the neighbourhood.

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Le Pain Francaise (several locations, my favourite's the one on Avenyn)

French-style chain of bakeries and cafés. Need I say more?


Piga, Ostindiafararen 21, Eriksberg

One of Eriksberg's neighbourhood restaurants, which surprises with its ingredients and quality of the food. Menu combines Swedish and Mediterranean influences with emphasis on fish and seafood (well, how else!)

Restaurant's website

Sjömagasinet, Adolf Edelvärds gata 5

One of the most classic restaurants in the city (and a recipient of a Michelin-star). Lunch provides a way for a smaller budget feast (3 courses €63). Reservation a must. 

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Restaurant's website

SK Mat & Människor, Johannebergsgatan 24

Excellent restaurant which offers some serious foodie enterntainment in the form the open kitchen located in the middle of the restaurant floor.Tasting menus €63- €88.

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Restaurant's website

Smaka, Vasaplatsen 3

A little better husmanskost in a little cooler surroundings. Frequently updated menu featuring everything from oysters to Wallenbergare. Reservation recommended.

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Restaurant's website

Somm Restaurant & Wine Bar, Lorensbergsgatan 8

Quality restaurant (Bib Gourmand) with stylish ambiance and interesting wine list. Tasting menus €45 - €85.

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Restaurant's website

Ölstugan Tullen, several locations

Laid back atmosphere, extensice beer selection and good (and cheap - everthing€10 or less) husmanskost.

Ravintolan www-sivu

Beirut Cafe, Engelbrektsgatan 37

Excellent Lebanese restaurant with a meze selection that's impossible to say no to. Popular restaurant, so reservation recommended. 

Grand Hotel, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8

This hotel echoes a glamorous bygone era and houses Cadier Bar's delicious cocktails (they make the best White Lady!), wonderful afternoon tea (price starts at €40), Veranda's Swedish treats and Matias Dahldgren's two Michelin-starred restaurants (the other one's has 1 and the other's got 2 stars). 

Recommendation for the afternoon tea recommended, for Matias Dahlgren't restaurant a must.

Grinda Wärdshus

About an hour's ferry ride away from Stockholm this restaurant is located on an island in Stockholm's archipelago, full of countryside charm. Be prepared for a 20-minute trek to reach the hotel and restaurant. Serene atmosphere and great food. 

Restaurant's website

Market halls, especially Östermalms Saluhall

Foodie heaven. Wonderful vendors and great restaurants - my fabourites are Lisa Elmqvists's fish restaurant and Beirut Cafe's meze treats. 

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Oaxen Krog & Slip, Beckholmsvägen 26

In the middle of Djurgården's views over the sea this restaurant is a gem. Krog upstairs has a Michelin star, Slip is awarded with Bib Gourmand. The latter is open for lunch, too.

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Restaurant's website

Primo, Kungbroplan 1

Right after Kungsbro bridge on the way to wards Kungsholmen this Italian restaurant is (lo and behold) part of a chain. 

Don't let this get to you though - the atmosphere is authentic and the food is good; pizzas downright excellent. There's also a small deli selling all sorts of Italian treats.

Pärlans konfektyr, Nytorgsgatan 38

The most delectable hand-made toffee in a shop decorated in the most charming retro style.


Speceriet, Artillerigatan 14

Bakficka; a more affordable and casual sister restauranr to Michelin-starred Gastrologik. For dinner reservation is pretty much a must, for lunch you'll get without one. 

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Restaurant's website

Vaxholm Hotel

Located right next to the Vaxholm harbour, about a 1,5-hour ferry ride from the capital, this traditional hotel and restaurant have that old school charm. Terrace offers spectacular views overlooking the archipelago. Not cheap, but excellent for fish and seafood. Reservation recommended.

Vaxholm Skafferi, Vaxholm

This little deli-restaurant is deliriously wonderful and close to the harbour.  Carefully selected products and outstanding customer service. Across the street there's a tiny terrace that's perfect for enjoying the goodies at an impromptu picnic with phenomenal sea views.

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(For more information on the ferry timetables in Stockholm archipelago please see here )

Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh, Rosendalsvägen 8

Specialized in well-executed Swedish food (especially fish), this traditional restaurant is located in Djurgården's summer paradise. Exceptionally outstanding wine list. 

Restaurant Barberousse, medina

Located on top of the walls surrounding the Old Town. Hammamet is exactly the kind of tourist hell I'd normally steer clear from, but this is a good place should you find yourself in the area. 

Aux Bon Vieux Temps, La Marsa

An Italian restaurant located next to La Marsa's train station. One of the best restaurants in the country - reservation recommended. For dessert have the cannolis. 

Aux Bon Vieux Temps, Sidi Bou Said

Located on top of Sidi Bou Said, this restaurant offers mostly Tunisian fare with gorgeous views over the coastline. Ideal for leisurely Saturday lunches (with too many G&T's).

Dar El Jeld, medina

The lovingly restaured town house (recognizable from its yellow door) in the Tunis medina is a sight in itself. Well prepared traditional Tunisian food, a great wine list (look for Kurubis!).

Marche Central, Rue de Allemagne

Tunis Central Market; a covered market on the outskirts of medina.  A  great destination for those on the look out for fresh ingredients; brillian for fish and seafood. 

In the furthest corner of the meat-selling side you'll find one of the few vendors in the country selling pork.