"Food philosophy" sounds so fancy and refined that I wouldn't dare to use it about myself. But sure, the most important things to me about food are good ingredients and an appreciative approach. It's perfectly possible to ruin a fine piece of meat with wrong preparation. Just the same a humble sausage is transported to a whole new culinary level when, instead of meat processing waste, the casing hides organic lamb and North African herbs. 

Life has plenty of mundanity in store for all of us which is why I try to bring a little bit of celebration to every day. That is why you don't often see "proper meals" at my table (or in this blog). Instead we lay out a tapas-style tasting menu with many small dishes. Greediness certainly plays a part: I want to try everything...

Travelling is another one of my passions and the delights of world cuisine live on in my memory and my tongue. Occasionally I seek inspiration in the mezes from wrong side of the Mediterranean. Sometimes we forgo the meal altogether and feast on English tea party instead. Or cocktails with canapes... Asia cannot be forgotten either- I have been known to roll some sushis too, and lately I've been putting my crimping skills to test with dim sums.

Food for us is the source of one of life's great pleasures- there to nurture our eyes, stomachs and souls. We take our time at the table- enjoying both the nourishment and the company. 

Andalusia with its incredible fresh produce is a very special place for me and I try to keep some of that sun alive in my other kitchen too.

Life is a fiesta and you're all invited!


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Recipes (in Finnish):

Atria Kulinaari 

Hackman All Steel 



Meiran mausteet 

Santa Helena- viini


Vaasan Rilla 

Valio Eila® Kotijuusto 

Restaurant reviews:


Baltic Beach Hotel & Spa, Jurmala, Latvia

Fiskars Wärdshus, Fiskars, Finland

Jerusalem Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel

Opera Hotel & Spa, Riga, Latvia

Pariisin Ville, Porvoo

Park Hotel, Turku, Finland

Scandic Julia, Turku, Finland

Scandic Rubinen, Gothenburg, Sweden

Semarah Hotel Metropole, Riga, Latvia



Andalusian sherry country



My book, "Andalusian auringossa - kulinaristiretkiä Jerezistä Jerusalemiin" is out in March 2017. You can follow the progress of the project over here.